Tropical Storms and Women’s Ministry Leaders

Our guest blogger Karen Alexander-Doyel shares how we can face those storms in life and ministry with power equal to the storm! "Sisters, the phone is ringing and women are calling for help. Marriage problems, prodigal children, loss of jobs, death, health failing and the list goes on.This morning in the news they are warning those along the east coast about tropical storms. They are … [Read more...]

Women Should Count it all WHAT?

Recently I was memorizing James 1:1-5 and began to see these verses in a different way.  Read verses 1-4 and think about what is says. Does that really mean we are to find joy in difficulties?  That’s just not easy to do.  Then I discovered in verse 5 something I’d not seen before.  But before we get to that, let me share something else.When I discovered this truth, … [Read more...]