Are Women’s Leaders Multi-Tasking God?


Guest blogger Sheila West will truly challenge all of us as leaders with this very insightful post. Read prayerfully!"It was one of those days. We all have them.  The demands of the day were greater than the time or energy that I possessed. As I backed out of the driveway I found myself crying out to the Father in utter desperation:  “I really need your help! I can’t do … [Read more...]

Life and Ministry Lessons for Women from the Back of a Motorcycle


Get ready to laugh, cringe, and learn from our  guest blogger and women’s ministry leader, Sheila West, as you read her post today.Listen as she teaches us from the "back of a motorcycle"...Technically, since I ride on a motorcycle behind my Honey (my husband) and I am a mother, I guess I could be called a "Motorcycle Mama." But before you conjure up an image of an … [Read more...]