Get a Big Vision for Women’s Ministry in the Smaller Church


I like lists!  Before I go to bed I make a list of what I need to do the next day. Sometimes I take the main headings and do sub points under those headings.  In the course of the day if something comes up that must be addressed that didn’t make the list; I add it just to have the joy of crossing it off again!  Why do I do that?  I like to be well planned. Our … [Read more...]

Easter, Spring Planning & Women’s Ministry

I LOVE this time of year…warmer weather, sunshine, green things sprouting.  Being a summer kind of gal, I always feel sense of renewal and even “healing” in my body this time of year. Easter also reminds me of “new” life spiritually. As you reflect on Easter (see here for a great article that might be helpful as you lead groups during the Easter season) you … [Read more...]