What is your wilderness story?

A TRUE Wilderness story . . . by a dear personal friend . . . Two weeks after I married my husband, I found out he was gay. I did not come from a home I wanted to move back into, and because I was raised believing divorce was a sin, I stayed. At the time, I lived in a new city with very few friends, and the church we attended was mostly my husband's family. I did have a deep love for God, but my … [Read more...]

Behind Priscilla…literally!


  Special assignment for All Access, Pam and I, had the privilege this week to get to Dallas for a behind the scenes (literally, see photo below) view of Priscilla Shirer as she taped her top secret, much-anticipated, new Bible Study, 'One In a Million,' that will release this summer. We felt like two gals in a million with big hair as we watched Priscilla teach her socks off with sassy … [Read more...]