Experiential Bible Study to Reach Young Women

Have you ever wondered why young women are not attending your Bible studies?  I have been frustrated in the past because I thought what we were offering was very relevant and exciting. And it was, for me and women in my stage of life! But when I began to study about the different generations and what reached them, it made so much more sense to me. We expect to offer all lecture type … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Ignite Your Church’s Future Women’s Leaders

 Since so many of our women’s leaders are looking for ways to connect with young women to raise up as leaders, I wanted to share these 10 ideas with you from Janet Speer and Beth Ann Williams who serve at the Georgia Baptist Convention. I am sure these will be helpful to you as you seek to raise up young women as leaders. 1. Include on planning and leadership teams. 2. … [Read more...]

How to Destroy a Young Adult Women’s Ministry?

Let’s take a different angel on this topic and have a little fun with this Official LifeWay Research as we learn “what NOT to do!” Ever wondered how you can destroy a ministry for young women? I am sure these will help you if that is your goal:  •         Enforce the policy that your members do nothing beyond showing up and … [Read more...]

Leading Women’s Ministry in Difficult Seasons of Life

As a women’s ministry leader, I have navigated the years of ministry long enough to have dealt with numerous difficult seasons. At times I’ve had ministry to help me keep my focus.  It has also provided a positive diversion during sometimes long seasons of pain and frustration in other facets of my life. Not long after my husband and I surrendered to ministry (thinking it was for … [Read more...]

Getting Beyond 4 Common Road Blocks with Young Adult Women

  If you are a leader seeking to raise up the next generation, you have probably found it sometimes difficult to figure out how to build community. You may be wondering why what you are doing with women doesn’t seem to connect with your young women. If young people are saying that “together is better” then how do we build community in a world that seems to draw us … [Read more...]

4 Essential Elements for Young Adult Women’s Ministry

Okay, are you like most of the women's ministry leaders who are of the boomer generation, are you wondering why young adult women are sometimes not attracted to what you offer? Have you asked yourself, and your team, "how will we pass the baton of leadership and ministry to the next generation if they aren't involved now?" This is a question I, along with hundreds of other boomer age … [Read more...]

Leaders…Are you Accountable? Ways to Prevent Ministry Implosion

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing famous people modeling immoral life styles and being called heroes. Not that they don’t do some great things in their lives, but sometimes I get disillusioned and wonder if I could falling into sinful traps if I am not careful. I am reminded right away that I need boundaries and I need friends around me to help me walk in a way that … [Read more...]

What’s That You’re Passing Down to the Next Generation?

One of my greatest desires as a follower of Christ is to run the race well, run to the end, and to pass the baton off to someone behind me. I think about my 6 (and one more on the way) grandchildren and if I am taking the time to invest in their lives adequately. Not being a stay at home grandmother that my daughters can call any time of the day or night (and not even weekends sometimes because of … [Read more...]

Is Women’s Ministry Going Away?

I am excited to be posting for the first time on our new women’s ministry blog for leaders. Not only is it my prayer that this will be a helpful resource for you as a leader, but also so that I can learn from you. Is women’s ministry going away??? Women’s ministry has been around for quite a while now, at least 20-25 years, although women’s work in the church has … [Read more...]