5 Easy Ways to Welcome New Women


Have you ever joined a church and struggled to figure out where you fit?  I have and that was after serving on a church staff in another city for about 12 years. You’d think I would know how to fit in!  But it is not so eas, even for a leader.  If we do not find effective ways to get to know other women and get them engaged fully in church life, she may leave and find a place … [Read more...]

Welcoming Women into the Community


One question we had recently at one of our YOULead training events  was: How can we welcome women into the community of the church? One of the benefits of having a ministry with women is making sure not one falls through the cracks. If a woman does not find her “niche” in the ­church, she may be uninvolved in anything except worship, or she may leave and find a place where she … [Read more...]