Living Proof Live Stockton – Friday


Thanks, Rich, for the incredible photos! And don't forget to check Twitter for updates (in addition to @lifewaywomen, you can follow @cottrelltravis, @bobonickalonick, @vjproctor, @amycato, @alexiscruz and @kevperry for all sorts of behind-the-scenes fun). … [Read more...]

Case also available in gallon size


So let's say that you've had the same cell phone for years and years. And let's say that one day, after having the same cell phone for a sweet forever, you get yourself a brand-spankin' new iPhone. And let's say that you're so tickled with your new iPhone that you don't want anything - ANYTHING - to happen to it. So you'd buy a sassy hot pink case for your iPhone. Right? Of course you would. And … [Read more...]

Happy birthday to y’all

After Living Proof Live was over Saturday, the event team brought out a birthday cake for Beth, Tammy (who sings on the praise team) and Kevin (who plays drums and who, as you may remember, PROPOSED TO HIS GIRLFRIEND Saturday morning). Since today is Beth's birthday, I thought I'd share the cakey love. Happy birthday, Beth! And Tammy! And Kevin! We love and appreciate you! … [Read more...]

Update: the girls in the brown t-shirts

If you were at Deeper Still in Atlanta last year - or even if you weren't - you probably remember the story of the girls in the brown t-shirts. Well, this past weekend at Living Proof Live in Pittsburgh, Beth gave an absolutely incredible update on those sweet women. ISN'T THAT AWESOME? "For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies." - Psalm 57:10 … [Read more...]

A mighty engaging morning

Oh, y'all. This is Kevin, Travis Cottrell's drummer on the praise team, and Ashley, a dear family friend of the Cottrells. And you'll have to excuse the jumpy / spinny camera moves because I was just a wee bit excited. Also: I apologize in advance for the part where I scream. Isn't that THE BEST? We have all just been BESIDE OURSELVES. I thought Travis Cottrell was going to jump straight out of … [Read more...]

3-2-1 at Living Proof Live


Ready. Set. Go! We had the best time in Pittsburgh tonight - Beth is teaching from Acts 27, and I longed for Melanie so that I could elbow her about 452 times and whisper, "that's a GOOD WORD." It probably comes as no surprise that lots of my notes are written in ALL CAPS. FOR EMPHASIS. Can't wait to share some of the highlights from Beth's message with y'all next week. More updates tomorrow! … [Read more...]

It’s empty now…


...but in a little less than an hour, it's gonna be LIVELY at Living Proof Live in the Petersen Events Center. And these sweet women? They've been at the arena - waiting patiently in line - since TWO THIRTY this afternoon. On top of that, they drove here all the way from Michigan. I am officially impressed. We can't wait for tonight - and we'll be back later with details! … [Read more...]

Attention HomeLife Readers Joining us in New Orleans

May2008_HomeLife_Cover.pdf HomeLife Magazine readers, this one is for YOU! If you are planning on attending the Living Proof Live event this weekend in New Orleans, we've got a great opportunity for tthe first ten (10) HomeLife Magazine readers who come by our LifeWay Women booth to score some free LifeWay Women's resources. It's simple. Kris Seidenkranz and I will be working the booth - you … [Read more...]