This time of year everywhere you look you see pink, red, & white along with all kinds of hearts and cupids…candy, cards, flowers, and lots of “junk” you can buy for those you love.  SO, let’s turn that love focus toward the women in our church and in our local area of influence. Who are those women?  And which ones are hard to love? What do they look … [Read more...]

Guest blogger, Dr. Deb Douglas, is the Minister to Women, First Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA . She wrote this article our of her own experience with women in her church who have had an abortion. Be sure to watch the web cast recordings of Surrendering the Secret Part 1 & 2 with Pat Layton as you reach out to these hurting women. Women with post-abortion trauma may already be in … [Read more...]

Did you miss this webcast? It's not too late to view both part one and part two of the Surrendering the Secret webcast!Without question abortion can be one of the most sensitive and divisive topics facing the church today. After 37 years and over 55 million reported lives lost, statistics reveal that as many as 1 out of 3 women in our church families are hiding the heartbreak of a past … [Read more...]

If you missed the re-airing of this inspiring and informative web cast this inspiring and informative web cast: Ministering to the Military Spouse December 13, you can still watch the recording here.   Join by video Chris Adams, Pam Case & Paige Greene,  as we talked with Sara Horn, founder of Wives of Faith, a military wives support ministry and author of the new LifeWay study, … [Read more...]

Ministers’ Wives, if you missed this   special web cast just for you!   It's not too late!  We  interviewed minister's wives LIVE from our National Women's Leadership Forum!Click here to view the web cast!LifeWay Women Live AT WOMEN’S FORUM: Ministers’ Wives GET REAL to Connect All Generations of Minister’s Wives! with guest … [Read more...]

If you were able to join us at the 2011 Women's Leadership Forum, you were blessed with the opportunity to get to hear from one of women's ministry's most prized leaders, Esther Burroughs.Below you will find the link to an audio file that will give you access to our final session of the Forum this year as Esther reminds us that we truly are "All In This Together" "All In This … [Read more...]

       If you missed this informative and timely web cast  for girls ministry leaders you can still watch here!Inside Look at Outside Expectations (Eating Disorders and Body Image) with guest Constance Rhodes, and hosted by Chris Adams, Women’s Ministry Specialist & Girls Ministry Specialist, Pam Gibbs. This is as live web cast so you will be … [Read more...]

In today's society, more and more families are experiencing painful situations with children who rebel against them, but the church is positioned to reach out to these families and show them the love of Christ during their ordeal. You and other women in your ministry can care for mothers of prodigal children in your church and community with 10 simple actions: 1. Pray.Be faithful in lifting … [Read more...]

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them.  Today’s question is: I come from a small church and I have been put in charge of the women’s ministry for 8 months or so now. I was never trained to be a leader. What tools are … [Read more...]

Ministers’ Wives don’t miss this special web cast just for you!  We will be interviewing minister's wives LIVE from our National Women's Leadership Forum!Don't miss this special webcast on Thursday,  November 10th at 9:30 a.m. (Central Time) LifeWay Women Live AT WOMEN’S FORUM: Ministers’ Wives GET REAL to Connect All Generations of Minister’s Wives! with … [Read more...]