Good Friday!

 Spring always truly puts a “spring” back in my step. I am not a fan of cold weather at all and, even though the snow is beautiful, I am happy in 70-80 degree weather year round. So, the flower and warmer weather this time of year perk up my spirits and my physical well being. Sometimes I just stand in the first few warm days of sunshine and turn my face toward the warmth, basking … [Read more...]

Holiday Kindness!

*Post by Cindi Wood During this season of thankful hearts and peace on earth, it's terrific timing to engage in spreading some goodwill toward men. Getting along with others during the holidays can prove to be challenging. It seems that most people are wired higher and stretched tighter. While holidays may be joyful and filled with celebration, these days are ripe for harvesting an explosion of … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

Blame me today, Kris that is. Sorry for posting Cindi's blog post so late today. Please forgive! By Cindi Wood . . . I received a call this morning from my dad's assisted living center. My heart sank as I heard the words.. . "Your dad fell this morning. We found him on the floor when we went in to check on him. He said he'd lost his balance, but that he was alright..." My heart just collapses … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

*Post by Cindi Wood Girls, I want you to know something. And, I want you to know it in your heart of hearts! I want you to know it so completely, that you automatically turn to this truth each time your peace is ruptured or you become unsettled. I want you to grasp it when you become distracted by the stresses of daily living...THERE'S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! His name is above every other … [Read more...]