Women’s Leaders…Looking for Excitement and Adventure in Ministry???


The issue in this blog post today is one we all have and maybe are dealing with as women’s leaders:  getting women to do more than attend something to life change and “doing” something with what they are learning. Read today’s post to see what one church did.  Today’s guest blogger is Rachel Lovingood, author of In Our Shoes, as well as a minister's wife and … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders: Never Been This Way

I have always loved the book of Joshua, well, not always, but for a long time now, especially as a leader. We learn so much from him. Read today’s post by guest blogger Rachel Lovingood, co-author of In Our Shoes (click here for her blog), as well as a  minister’s wife and ministry leader at Long Hollow Baptist Church  in Hendersonville, TN.   I’m doing the … [Read more...]

Minister’s Wives Share Shoes

Ministry Wives Weekend 2009 from BGCO Women on Vimeo.As a ministry wife, what kind of shoes do you wear?  Listen to co-authors of In Our Shoes: Real Life Issues for Ministers’ Wives by Ministers’ Wives, Jennifer Landrith and Rachel Lovingood,  as they share their thoughts about the different kinds of shoes ministry wives wear!For more from Jennifer and Rachel, check out the … [Read more...]