Women’s Mentoring…Hear from Woman to Woman Mentoring Author

I recently interviewed Janet Thomson , Christian author and speaker, and founder of Woman to Woman Mentoring and About His Work Ministries. She is author of several books including Woman to Woman Mentoring How to Start, Grow, and Maintain a Mentoring Ministry (LifeWay Press).  Sharing life’s experiences and God’s faithfulness is the premise of Janet’s books and … [Read more...]

Ministers’ Wives in the Glorious Fish Bowl


Recently, Leighann McCoy, a good friend of mine who also helps us at LifeWay with women’s ministry and ministers’ wives leadership conferences, wrote this post on her blog. She is a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader at Thompson Station Church, Thompson Station, TN.I believe her message will truly touch your heart as a minister’s wife as you read her story:As I … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & life: Adoption & Women’s Ministry


When we think of adoption and the part women’s ministry plays in helping, there are many issues to consider. When my husband and I adopted in 1977, the main options we had were domestic, Caucasian because we were Caucasian and closed. Today there are so many kinds of adoption: domestic, international, open adoptions and embryo adoptions. Also, not all couples are young. Many are adopting … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & Life: Miscarriage & Women’s Ministry


Miscarriage is not something I have personally experienced, but I watched my daughter as she lost her third pregnancy to miscarriage. Although she was not far along, she experienced a huge loss emotionally and physically. In our ministries with women, we need to be sensitive to the hurts associated with miscarriage and find effective ways to help women through this painful situation. Issues to … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss & Life: Infertility & Women’s Ministry


We deal with many issues and crises of women in women's ministry. One that has plagued our communities is infertility. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself. I did.  But it was what God used in my young married adult life to bring me into a deeper walk and total recommitment of my life to Him and His plans. For the first time, I learned what it means to totally trust God with something I … [Read more...]

Longing, Loss, Life: Ministering to Hurting Women

FREE Women’s Ministry Web Cast …Longing, Loss, Life: Ministering to Women through Infertility, Miscarriage, and AdoptionAs a women’s ministry leader, you have probably been faced with various crisis issues of the women in your congregation. Often we struggle to know how to help. We offer various resources, as well as this free webcast regarding struggles to become a mom.We will … [Read more...]