LifeWay Women Live WEBCAST: Reaching Women In Crisis

Did you miss LifeWay Women Live on April 5th? Don't worry! You can still view this webcast here. Join Chris Adams, Pam Case & Paige Greene for Reaching Women in Crisis with counselor Kaye Hurta and LifeWay Women Event Coordinator Betsy Langmade.  Life is unpredictable.  Sometimes life difficulties build up and escalate to crisis points over time.  Other times the crisis comes … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day When You Are Not a Mom


If you have ever experienced infertility, you know what it’s like to sit in church and bless moms while you are dying inside. Year after year I faced Mother’s Day that way. It was not hard to celebrate my own mom that day, but there was still a big hole in my own heart as I so desperately wanted to have children. Perhaps you have had a similar experience, or have lost a child … [Read more...]