July 4th…What Does Freedom Mean to Women?


In the next few days we will celebrate the freedom of our country. If you are like me, you probably take that for granted much of the time. Maybe we’ve never experienced Christianity in other countries where it’s not free.  Take a few minutes to think through what you would really miss if you didn’t live in our free country…who you would marry, where and if you would … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day!!


Take time today to remember those who have served our country through our armed services. Pray for those you know serving now, both in the United States and around the world. Reflect on the freedom we have to pray, attend church, and worship Christ because we live here and because of so many who have died for our freedom. Thank God for the freedom we have through His Son Jesus! … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

*Post by Cindi Wood Today, I've been thinking about FREEDOM. My first taste of being in bondage came when as a teenager, I visited the Soviet Union. As a tourist, the freedoms I experienced at home in the United States were not enjoyed there in the USSR. I made a conscious decision to not take for granted the freedoms that were mine only because I'd been born in America. There's a much greater … [Read more...]