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*Post by Cindi Wood Today, I've been thinking about FREEDOM. My first taste of being in bondage came when as a teenager, I visited the Soviet Union. As a tourist, the freedoms I experienced at home in the United States were not enjoyed there in the USSR. I made a conscious decision to not take for granted the freedoms that were mine only because I'd been born in America. There's a much greater … [Read more...]

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Post by Cindi Wood Girls, I want you to know something. And, I want you to know it in your heart of hearts! I want you to know it so completely, that you automatically turn to this truth each time your peace is ruptured or you become unsettled. I want you to grasp it when you become distracted by the stresses of daily living...THERE'S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! His name is above every other … [Read more...]

Post by Cindi Wood Talk about a RUDE awakening! I had just settled into a deep sleep after a day of sharing with my girlfriends in Williamston, NC - when the hotel's alarm system blasted me out of my peaceful ZZZZZZs. Startled, disoriented, and sounding my own alarm (of panic), I sprung out of bed and jumped into action to do whatever I needed to do during this ill-timed emergency. I hate it … [Read more...]

Post by Cindi Wood In this month's Journey magazine, I share about the fast, yep the FAST that changed my life. Now, if thoughts about giving up food leave you weak and feeling deprived, then take heart! No ditchin' the chocolates and passin' up the tacos on this one - but you will need to look the other way when those pangs of worry start to feed your cravings and cause you to lose … [Read more...]

Good morning blogging friends! Meet Cindi Wood. Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Cindi's also a wife, mother of two . . . and prime material for stress overload! That is why she has turned her focus to the needs of so many Christian women who seek support in handling the tremendous stresses of life. She's authored I've Used All My Sick Days - Now I'll Have To Call In Dead, The Frazzled Female, … [Read more...]