Heading Toward A Fresh Start


*Post by Cindi Wood We're on the back end of the holidays now, moving toward a glorious start to a new year, RIGHT??? I'm taking some deep breaths and slowly embracing the days ahead. I know that I'll be much more likely to hold on to my sanity if I keep close to Jesus. By keeping close, I mean deliberately basking in His Word early each morning and thinking about Him and His Word throughout my … [Read more...]

Holiday Kindness!

*Post by Cindi Wood During this season of thankful hearts and peace on earth, it's terrific timing to engage in spreading some goodwill toward men. Getting along with others during the holidays can prove to be challenging. It seems that most people are wired higher and stretched tighter. While holidays may be joyful and filled with celebration, these days are ripe for harvesting an explosion of … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday

What's your favorite way to de-stress during the holidays? That's the question-toss for today's FRAZZLED FEMALE FRIDAY! As you view the video, turn up the speakers during the Heather/Cindi interview so you don't miss one word of Heather's tip for de-frazzling the holidays at her house. ( As Heather and Erin and I talked, we came up with other ways to de-frazzle, but decided this one was best for … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

From Cindi . . .seems I notice the passing of time more during the holidays than in any other time of year. My dad was missing this year around our Thanksgiving table, and that was a HUGE MISS! However, we had grandbaby Durham occupying a new place...and next year, we'll be making room for another Grandbaby Wood. The seasons of life bring changes to holiday seasons, but, JESUS is constant! … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

*Post by Cindi Wood What a wonderful Frazzled Female extravaganza last week in Greensboro, Alabama! We explored ways to grow our intimacy with Jesus. I just love talking about that relationship. It's central to every single quest for a saner lifestyle. If you are a child of God (meaning at some time in your life you invited Jesus Christ into your heart) then God is your Father and Jesus is your … [Read more...]

Frazzled Female Friday!

Cindi's sweet Daddy went HOME two days ago - She's been by his side for 2 weeks. Please pray for her and her family, as they go through the next couple days. She'll be sharing at his service, then leaving to speak out of town tonight. I'm by no means sweet Cindi Wood, but I am a frazzled female! Last week, I began the study of Ruth by Kelly Minter with some of my closest of the closest … [Read more...]