LifeWay Women Live at Women’s Forum – Transforming Women’s Ministries: Why Apologetics?


Join us this Thursday, November 8, for LifeWay Women Live AT WOMEN’S FORUM: Transforming Women’s Ministries: Why Apologetics? With apologist, speaker and author Mary Jo Sharp (*NOTE special time-9:30-10:30 am Central time) Why is apologetics so important and needed in women’s ministries at this time?  Women need to be honest with themselves about why they believe in God.  Honesty about their … [Read more...]

Change and Leadership Discernment


After a year of continual changes at work, I have struggled with planting my feet in the ground and moving forward. Oh, the work has gotten done and ministry has continued, but the ground has not felt solid for quite a while. Being a  Boomer, I have experienced change more rapidly than my parents and grandparents, but not near as much as Gen X and Millennials have.  So, I’m just not as used to … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Q/A #41: Women’s Leaders Ministering through the Struggle


Recently at a YOULead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them. Today’s question: Have any of you dealt with depression or anxiety and how do you push through that for ministry? When our panel responded to this, we said, “None of us have ever dealt with … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Q/A #40: 7 Tips for Dealing with Balance & Guilt as you Lead Women’s Ministry


Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them.     Today’s question:  As a woman burdened for women and doing numerous things to reach out, how do you balance the “guilt” of knowing what and what not … [Read more...]

Ladies’ Choice – Reaching the “Spiritually Single” Woman


I teach a Sunday morning small group of women and this is a topic I can relate to so much. It’s also one I’ve heard from leaders continually as they seek to reach and minister to those women who choose to worship even if it means worshiping alone.  Read these helpful 8 tips from author and women’s leader Shirley Moses, founder of  Beyond the Call Ministries. Ask God if … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live Archive: An Inside Look at Outside Expectations

Diets. Plastic surgery. Anorexia. Unrealistic expectations. In a culture that focuses on outward appearance, women and girls alike wrestle with accepting their bodies as created by God. We were so thankful to have Constance Rhodes, speaker, author, and fellow struggler to come and talk about how our culture is impacting girls' (and women’s) view of their bodies and themselves as a whole. … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders, Where Do You Start to Eat an Elephant?


"So, when do you start to eat an elephant?"  I am in a season right now where I am wondering this question.  Some days of ministry are overwhelming although blessed!  Do the next thing becomes my motto many days.  So does, “who’s on first?”!!  Today my guest blogger is Dawn Stephens,  women’s leader at The Church at Brook Hills, in … [Read more...]

Small Things in the Hands of a Wise Leader and a Big God!


Sometimes leading volunteers in our women’s ministry can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Today’s post is written by experienced leader Simone Monroe, Director of Women’s Ministries at Lake Pointe Church in Dallas, Texas.  You will be encouraged to serve these leaders well even as they serve the ministry you oversee.How well I remember one of the best “reads” as I began ministry … [Read more...]

Older and Younger Women’s Leaders Working Together


One of the components of our 2012 Women’s Leadership Forum  is “The Real View of What’s New…Doing Connections Well”. This will be a panel of pairs of older and younger leaders who are working together who will share what they have found works or not, how they are passing and taking  the baton, the ins and outs, ups and downs of working together between … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live: Equipping Moms


Join us for Part 2 of this webcast for Equipping Moms! Listen to some mom “experts” as they share ideas and passion for strengthening families through equipping the mom. You will hear practical ideas for investing in the future as you touch the life of a mom and develop ministry to help moms grow as disciples. Joining us for Part 2 are Susan Merrill of FamilyFirst & Wendy … [Read more...]