Women Reaching the “Nones”

 Have you ever heard of the religious nones? I hadn’t until recently. None is a survey response to “what is our religious preference?” You might be interested in reading the blog post our LifeWay president recently wrote, The Rise of the Religious Nones. One of the main reasons we do women’s ministry is to reach and equip others to reach those who do not know the Lord. … [Read more...]

Good Friday!

 Spring always truly puts a “spring” back in my step. I am not a fan of cold weather at all and, even though the snow is beautiful, I am happy in 70-80 degree weather year round. So, the flower and warmer weather this time of year perk up my spirits and my physical well being. Sometimes I just stand in the first few warm days of sunshine and turn my face toward the warmth, basking … [Read more...]