Women Should Count it all WHAT?

Recently I was memorizing James 1:1-5 and began to see these verses in a different way.  Read verses 1-4 and think about what is says. Does that really mean we are to find joy in difficulties?  That’s just not easy to do.  Then I discovered in verse 5 something I’d not seen before.  But before we get to that, let me share something else.When I discovered this truth, … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Overcome Discouragement as a Leader

As women’s ministry leaders, we do our best to plan a strong ministry. We make countless sacrifices that often go unnoticed.  However, we cannot please everyone and discouragement lurks in the dark. The enemy is just ready to pounce on us and “steal, kill, and destroy” our joy.Author, Speaker, and Bible Study Leader, Martha Lawley certainly has plenty of ministry experience. … [Read more...]