FREE Friday Giveaway – Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, & Priscilla Shirer!


Ladies - you don't want to miss out on this amazing Bible study! Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed, The Study of David. Taped at the 2007 Deeper Still women's event, Priscilla Shirer teaches two sessions, Beth Moore teaches two sessions, and Kay Author teaches two sessions. And my personal favorite of this study is the bonus Q & A session. In case you need a reminder, here's what to do. Post a … [Read more...]

Deeper Still Denver Recap!

Oh my what an amazing LifeWay Women weekend. We truly went deeper into God's word with three new and 'hair parting' messages from Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore. And we even had a profound word from Kelly Minter who joined us for DS and taught a devotional and sang for us on Saturday a.m. Still processing my notes on this one. I got a 'WORD' from each woman. And our guy Travis and … [Read more...]

A Deeper Still: A divine Appt. Indeed

Two years of going Deeper Still, by Michelle Hicks Almost two years ago several moms connected through the Deeper Still blog and decided to meet face-to-face at Deeper Still: The Event in Atlanta. It was a unique story that brought these eight women together. The common denominator, in addition to their love for Christ, they all had lost babies in the previous year. Most of them actually lost a … [Read more...]

What would you ask?

If you had the opportunity to sit down at Starbucks with Beth Moore (who has been called the female Billy Graham of our generation), what would you order and how would you start the conversation? Or what if Priscilla Shirer invited you to her home for dessert? What questions would you want to ask this wife and mother of three in ministry who grew up as a preacher's kid? And then there is Kay … [Read more...]

Deeper Still Oklahoma

Thanks to my musical theater back ground, (and Travis's) we can't say the word Oklahoma without breaking into the show tune, you know the one, sing it with me "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOK-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...." I've been doing that all week, my team LOVES it. Yes, Deeper Still Oklahoma, our third and final (last but not least) Deeper Still of the year, AND our final LifeWay … [Read more...]

A Deeper Still poem by Travis

Thanks Trav for this profound offering! We can't wait to worship the KING! Deeper Still is almost here So glad, I might just shed a tear No time to blog, but this I'll say: Can hardly wait 'till this Friday. Kay, Priscilla, Bethie too Will bring a Word for me, for you It will be strong, it will be good We'll laugh, we'll cry, And both we should. But what will be the greatest thing This very … [Read more...]

Deeper Still Panel Question? anyone?

Its true! Deeper Still ORLANDO (or Deeper Disney World) as we call it, is next weekend, September 18-19, 2009! I don't know about you but our team is ready to get ourselves down to Florida. Here are two things you can do to help us prepare if you are attending and one fun question: 1. Send us your panel questions for Kay, Beth and Priscilla! Its a fun and sweet time when we get to … [Read more...]

A word from PRISCILLA!

Hello Greensboro! Can I be honest? I've been looking forward to Deeper Still since January! I can't believe that it is actually July (where has the year gone?) and that our time in God's Word and worshipping at His feet together is almost here. Just one more weekend away. Jerry, the boys and I have been having a blast this summer. We've been swimming, horse back riding, playing in the back yard, … [Read more...]

Deeper Still G-boro Roll Call?!!

GALS!!! Deeper Still Greensboro is two weeks and a few hours from right now!! I can't believe its been almost a YEAR since our last Deeper Still event in Las Vegas. Priscilla was 8 months pregnant (see in the rap video?) then and now that sweet Jude is 8-months-old!Its time for the Deeper Still Greensboro Roll call! Where are you coming from? and who's coming with you? Whatcha got? … [Read more...]