Lessons on Leadership for Women #1

Recently we hosted a summit for leaders who serve in our state convention offices (Southern Baptist). Selma Wilson, our vice-president and leader of B & H Publishing Group a division of LifeWay Christian Resources shared 10 valuable lessons with us about being women in ministry in a mostly male ministry world.  She has gained the respect not only of our leadership at LifeWay but across … [Read more...]

Who Laid the Foundation for Your Women’s Ministry?


 Tomorrow we will begin our 15th LifeWay Women Leadership Forum at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Our theme this year is: Standing at the Crossroads of Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going and our scripture focus is "...whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you. This is the way. Walk in it." Isaiah 30:21 First of … [Read more...]

Women “Pursuing” Ministry

At one of our YOU Lead training events, this question was asked of our Q/A panel: How do you balance “pursuing” ministry versus waiting for God to open ministry doors for you?” How would you answer that question yourself? For those I have walked closest with in ministry, there wasn’t a “pursuing” really.  There was a “following.”  For me … [Read more...]

Leaders Investing in LEADERS

Today’s guest blogger is Shirley Moses . She is an author, Women’s Ministry Team Advisor at Hagerman Baptist Church in Sherman, Texas, and the Women's Ministry Consultant Women’s Ministry Consultant, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. She also serves currently as a .LifeWay Ministry Multiplier, helping us train women’s ministry leaders across the country. Shirley … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders…Prayer Precedes Planning!


Karen Finke formerly served as Director of Support Ministries at Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, MO for just over 6 years. She is now a member of the church’s women's ministry team. Read about her first experiences as a women’s leader and what God taught her about prayer and planning.At the time of this writing, the entire LifeWay women's team is up to their cute little … [Read more...]

Scary Things in Women’s Ministry?

This weekend, lots of families celebrate fall harvest and others celebrate “scary” things! When you think of your ministry with women, what scares you?I can think of so many things I have feared in the past when I was faced with the calling of God to serve in women’s ministry and when I was faced with challenges I knew were way beyond my ability to handle.  Think for a … [Read more...]

Ministers’ Wives Asked and Answered

Our guest blogger Karen Alexander-Doyel has some words of wisdom for ministers’ wives today:"I recently spoke at a Living Proof Live Event in Richmond, Virginia. Of course, Beth Moore was the speaker at the Living Proof Live part, and several ministers’ wives along with me did breakout sessions before it started. Our sessions were for minister’s wives. I love being with … [Read more...]

Women’s Leadership and Young Women

Lauren Farmer, who serves as an Event Project Coordinator for LifeWay's Women’s Training and Events, is our guest blogger today. Listen to one young woman share the importance of influence from older leaders to carry on the heritage of faith and leadership: "Leadership is a hot topic in many circles today.  Perhaps it has always been and I’ve just gotten old enough to … [Read more...]