A Different Perspective For Women’s Leaders


This is a fabulous reminder to leaders, especially in the season of losing perspective about why we even celebrate Christmas!  Let guest blogger, Margaret Kennedy’s recent experience and message set your perspective on your Father today and throughout the holiday season. Start the new year with this continued perspective to help you journey deeper than you have ever been personally even … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts Part 3…4 More Spiritual Lessons for Leaders


You can read Random Thoughts Part 1 and Random Thoughts Part 2 that were previous posts. Here are  more thoughts, leader to leader.  Most of these come on a daily email I get from a friend here at LifeWay. Sometimes I get them and they stop me in my tracks. I just have to save and re-read each one. Comments in italics are my own musings about the thoughts.  I pray these will … [Read more...]

Tears for Sowing: Women’s Ministry to Widows

Our Guest blogger today is my dear friend Lesa Floyd. She is the Minister to Women and Ministry Development at Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, Texas. Her post today is a true reflection of a women’s leader living  transparently on her own journey, and then using it to minister to others. Your heart will be touched and blessed as you read. "As I sit to write this … [Read more...]

A Giveaway for a Minister’s Wife Getaway

(This post written by Pam Case, Director of LifeWay Women and a Minister's Wife!) From one minister's wife to any other out there, it is one interesting ride that I am on. It's been a 12 year journey for me so far. And for those living in my shoes, you know what I mean when I say no two days have been the same! Do I hear an 'amen' in the house? Well, it only makes sense that we might want to bless … [Read more...]