Follow-up Questions on Women’s Events


 On January 19, I wrote a post titled “Rethink Special Events.” As a result, Byron Hill, Executive Director of LifeWay Conference Centers and Camps at two beautiful locations in the mountains: Ridgecrest, North Carolina, and Glorieta, New Mexico , asked some follow up questions regarding planning events. This posted on the blog Ministry Serving Ministry on January 25. I hope you … [Read more...]

A Different Perspective For Women’s Leaders


This is a fabulous reminder to leaders, especially in the season of losing perspective about why we even celebrate Christmas!  Let guest blogger, Margaret Kennedy’s recent experience and message set your perspective on your Father today and throughout the holiday season. Start the new year with this continued perspective to help you journey deeper than you have ever been personally even … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Questions…Team Leader Issues


Recently at our Women’s Leadership Forum 2010, we had a panel answering questions submitted by attendees. Several upcoming posts will address those and try to help answer them. Today’s question is: As a lay leader, what is our role when our women’s ministry director is a " fly by the seat of your pants gal"? We are stressed out covering untimely planning and last … [Read more...]