Is Love in the Air in your Women’s Ministry?…10 Ways to Show Love


This time of year everywhere you look you see pink, red, & white along with all kinds of hearts and cupids…candy, cards, flowers, and lots of “junk” you can buy for those you love.  SO, let’s turn that love focus toward the women in our church and in our local area of influence. Who are those women?  And which ones are hard to love? What do they look … [Read more...]

The Spin for the Women’s Ministry Leader


We had a YOU Lead  women’s training even in Tacoma, WA recently and one of our local workshop leaders was Angela Craig. She is our guest writer today and I know this message will make you stop and think about how you are doing ministry. Thanks, Angela, for inspiring us today!Recently, I attended a Spin class at my gym. If you have never taken a Spin class before, I would describe it as … [Read more...]