Women Mentoring Girls

*Post by Chris Adams "Will you disciple me?" "Will you mentor me?" "Can we meet and maybe you can show me how to read my Bible like you do?" "Can you teach me how to hear from God?" If you've been in ministry very long, you've probably heard these questions--or a variation of them. The concept of mentoring or discipling is not a new one. In fact, it's been around since biblical times (check out … [Read more...]

Moving GENERATIONS WEB CAST to 2/18/10!

See Kris's mention below of our Generations Web cast. Due to expectation of more inclement weather (or at least difficulty for key technical or content people to get to work), we are postponing this Web cast to Thursday, Feb 18th at the same time. See, now you have more time to prepare your questions! Don't miss it! Paige … [Read more...]

FREE TRAINING: Generations…The UnBroken Chain-Women’s Ministry Through the Ages

(Post by Chris Adams) As a women's leader, do you struggle to figure out what will reach and motivate all women? Have you discovered that what works for one generation, probably WON'T work for another one? How do we connect all ages of women for spiritual growth and ministry? Next week, we will host a live web cast and discuss this further. Join us for a panel discussion of leadership women as … [Read more...]

Need a good excuse to go to FL?

If you are in ministry in any shape or form, you need to check out WIRED: Women Intentionally Reaching Expanding Developing. WIRED is for any woman in ministry who is a "seasoned" leader seeking to move her developing ministry to the "next level." If your ministry is at least 5 years or older, this training if especially for YOU! This leadership event is coming to St. Augustine, FL on February … [Read more...]

‘I was devastated, and then God…..

...how would you finish that sentence? Building on Sophie's previous post, if you were to say, "I was devastated, but then God....' What would you say? What's your 'God is/was everything' to you story? Has he just sliced through your life and met you recently? rescued you? made you stare at something in awe? Made you smile? Made you cry? The cool things about our stories is that they are uniquely … [Read more...]