Change and Leadership Discernment


After a year of continual changes at work, I have struggled with planting my feet in the ground and moving forward. Oh, the work has gotten done and ministry has continued, but the ground has not felt solid for quite a while. Being a  Boomer, I have experienced change more rapidly than my parents and grandparents, but not near as much as Gen X and Millennials have.  So, I’m just not as used to … [Read more...]

Women, It’s Time for a Change

Clocks are about to “spring” forward. Are you ready? I am looking forward to longer days (or at least longer daylight hours even if I can’t add a few hours to the day!). But even when it’s not time change weekend, our lives are in continually change.How many of you are facing or have recently faced a major change in your life?  Don’t we prefer lives to follow … [Read more...]