Women’s Leaders, Where Do You Start to Eat an Elephant?


"So, when do you start to eat an elephant?"  I am in a season right now where I am wondering this question.  Some days of ministry are overwhelming although blessed!  Do the next thing becomes my motto many days.  So does, “who’s on first?”!!  Today my guest blogger is Dawn Stephens,  women’s leader at The Church at Brook Hills, in … [Read more...]

From a Women’s Leader: Ministry and the Rest of My Life


How do you view your ministry life? Separate from the rest of life, or a part of the whole? I remember years ago when I was serving on a church staff in Tyler, Texas, a principle that God revealed to me: As Christians, we are either in full time ministry or we aren’t in ministry at all.   That was something He compelled me to share with other women from that time … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Isn’t All Up to You


Why is it we often think if we don’t do it, God’s work won’t get done? Perhaps this is a good time to stop and think about that as you read this post by guest blogger, Dr. Deb Douglas.    Have you ever found yourself rushing through a drive-thru to pick up dinner, then hurrying off to lead a small group, then back home to bake cookies for the homebound, all … [Read more...]

Women’s Leaders Wrestling With Stress & Delegation


Women’s leader Betsy Langmade is our guest blog writer today.  I know none of you ever face stress, but if you ever should, I believe her suggestions here can be a huge help!  Enjoy and be challenged to make a difference as you read this great post! "I’m recently dealing with a very difficult season.  The landscape of my current “to do” list is like … [Read more...]

Are Women’s Leaders Multi-Tasking God?


Guest blogger Sheila West will truly challenge all of us as leaders with this very insightful post. Read prayerfully!"It was one of those days. We all have them.  The demands of the day were greater than the time or energy that I possessed. As I backed out of the driveway I found myself crying out to the Father in utter desperation:  “I really need your help! I can’t do … [Read more...]

The December Minister Monster in Women’s Ministry


This is such a timely message from guest blogger and women’s ministry leader ,Deb Douglas. Take each thought she shares to heart this December!  You will be blessed and you will bless others.   Last year’s December calendar still haunts me. A solid month with only one un-booked night turned me from Minister to Women to Minister Monster! Christmas season starts in … [Read more...]