Women’s Bible Teachers Wonder…”Will They Ever Get It?”

If you teach the Word, you have probably asked this question. We so desperately want the women we teach to understand the truths and live them out in their lives. First of all, let yourself off the hook. It’s not your job to make them “get it”. Only the Holy Spirit can help women grasp and experience the Bible truths. Our job as teachers is to pray, study, share personal stories, … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Q/A #36: Building Connection in Women’s Small Groups

Recently at a YOU Lead women’s leadership training, we had a panel of leaders answering questions submitted by attendees. Several past and upcoming posts address those and try to help answer them.      Today’s question:  What suggestions do you have to help small group leaders be warm, welcoming, connecting women?One thing is sure, if we aren’t welcoming … [Read more...]

Bible Study…Just for Pouring In or also for Challenging us to Pour Out?


I had an interesting conversation recently with a women’s ministry leader regarding Bible study. She mentioned that James…Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore was not their women’s favorite study. One reason was that they are used to Bible studies building the members up, pouring into them. The James study was challenging to the members in a couple of ways:1.    Decide … [Read more...]

Jennifer Rothschild Bible Study Taping


Morning everyone! LifeWay Women has a new Bible study coming out in August of this year by Jennifer Rothschild. You might have completed the study, Me, Myself & Lies which was her latest and it was very powerful. We're taping her new study March 5-8 in Springfield, MO. at the Veridian Event Center. I know all of you'd love to be there and we wish you could, but we all can't live in Springfield, … [Read more...]

Friday Giveaway – Priscilla Shirer SEED

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are giving away Priscilla's SEED:FIVE DVD Bible Study. This is a single DVD with a discussion guide. Watch the SEED: Five promo here. Today we're asking anyone who teaches any type of Bible Study that could use this resource to enter a comment. Sunday School teacher, Bible study teacher, small group leader/facilitator, neighborhood women's group leader, Pastor's … [Read more...]

Esther Giveaway Winner announcement!

We had such an overwhelming response to this giveaway, and I wish I could have given everyone an Esther Kit, but I can't . . . SO I decided to give TWO KITS away! As usual, we use random.org to determine the random winners. Congratulations to Linda Bolander #20 and JoAnn McMillan #128 I'll be contacting you both for your address to mail out the kits! Have a great afternoon everyone! … [Read more...]

Working with Women’s Small Group Leaders

I recently visited with a women’s ministry leader who shared a concern with me and asked for some advice. Maybe as a leader you too have faced this type of leadership issue with a Bible study leader or other team member. Here was the issue:  “This morning, I got an email from one of the women who has been facilitating Beth Moore Bible studies.  June is one of the women … [Read more...]

We would love your feedback!


We value you, and we value your insights that help us publish better products and events. This feedback request is for those of you who have gone through the Bible study, Duty or Delight, by Tammie Head. We published six free videos that can be found here on LifeWay.com We would like to know if you and/or your study group used these videos. Please take a minute to post a comment answering these … [Read more...]

How To Start a Home Bible Study for Women


If you've never led a study in your home and are considering making it one of your ministry 'new years resolutions' here are some practical tips on how to start a home Bible study!One way to put the Great Commission into practice in your women's ministry is to start a women's home Bible study. A home setting can bring added warmth and openness to a small study group.The key elements of a … [Read more...]