Women’s Leaders Are Accountable…But to Who?


As a leader, one thing I’ve learned is that I can fall just as easily as the next person. The day I think I am immune to sin and failure, I am about to fall big time. Ultimately we are accountable to God for our lives (see Romans 14:12), but we need someone to walk with us and help us as we navigate life and leadership.  Lesson 5 is that we must have an accountability relationship with … [Read more...]

10 Questions for Women Finding Accountability Partners


Ever wonder how to know if someone is compatible as an accountability partner? And whether they are truly seeking to spend the time in spiritual disciplines and growth? Here are some questions you might ask. 1.    Are you comfortable around this person? Is she open? Does she put you at ease? 2.    Do you trust her with personal issues? 3.    Does she … [Read more...]

Leaders…Are you Accountable? Ways to Prevent Ministry Implosion

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing famous people modeling immoral life styles and being called heroes. Not that they don’t do some great things in their lives, but sometimes I get disillusioned and wonder if I could falling into sinful traps if I am not careful. I am reminded right away that I need boundaries and I need friends around me to help me walk in a way that … [Read more...]