When in doubt, consult the Twitter

I don't know if we've mentioned it, but the new Abundance event is in Houston, Texas this weekend. :-) Anyway, if you aren't going to be there but would like to follow along with what's going on (and listen. so would I. I'm nosy like that.), I just wanted to point out that Twitter will no doubt be an excellent source of information, pictures and video. And in addition to keeping up with the … [Read more...]


GALS! We have not 1 but 2 live Web casts today on LIfeWay Women Live! 1. The first one will be the My Abundance Kick off Webcast where we will announce the grand prize winner and runner ups of the contests and show their videos. Kelly Minter and Angie Smith will co-host with me and we'll also have special guests Angela Thomas, Tammie Head, Vicki Courtney and Jennifer Rothschild. This live show … [Read more...]

Vicki Courtney’s Abundance video!

FEATURING SCOUT THE WONDER PUP! (wait for it!) This is the day we look at the entries with the most votes and pick our winners. We will announce them at our LIVE Web cast on Tuesday with special guests Vicki Courtney, Angela Thomas, Tammie Head, Jennifer Rothschild, Kelly Minter and Angie Smith. That's an 'Abundance' of guests...har. Enjoy Vicki's darling video and we will see you … [Read more...]


GALS!! Merry Christmas to you! Its the time of year we want to 'let every heart prepare Him room' right? Well, what do you have an abundance of in your life that you could lessen to make room for Him? We at LifeWay Women want to have a little fun with this concept. I know I have an abundance of scarves, and coffee mugs for starters. We all have an "abundance" of stuff, right? Here is our gal … [Read more...]