Women’s Ministry and October Baby


How many of you have faced women in your ministry who have had an abortion or who have experienced some situation that caused much pain and bitterness? Forgiveness of self and others is not easy. We must seek ways to help women heal and to experience restored relationships between them and God and them and others. Did you get the opportunity to see the movie October Baby? If you missed it in the … [Read more...]

Ministering to Women Struggling with Post Abortion Trauma


Guest blogger, Dr. Deb Douglas, is the Minister to Women, First Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA . She wrote this article our of her own experience with women in her church who have had an abortion. Be sure to watch the web cast recordings of Surrendering the Secret Part 1 & 2 with Pat Layton as you reach out to these hurting women. Women with post-abortion trauma may already be in … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live: Surrendering the Secret


Did you miss this webcast? It's not too late to view both part one and part two of the Surrendering the Secret webcast!Without question abortion can be one of the most sensitive and divisive topics facing the church today. After 37 years and over 55 million reported lives lost, statistics reveal that as many as 1 out of 3 women in our church families are hiding the heartbreak of a past … [Read more...]

“The Lost Voices” by Pat Layton

We had over 400 women join us last Tuesday at the live webcast with Pat Layton dealing with post abortion healing. Many women also communicated with one another via chat during the webcast. Below is an article by Pat from the January issue of HomeLife Magazine. Article ~ Many Women attending and serving in our churches have had one or more abortions. How can the church help these wounded women … [Read more...]

Would You Save Just One?


Post by Pat Layton If my "Prayer Chair" could talk it might tell you some pretty soapy secrets about my life. It's true isn't it? If you are like me, a look back at my prayer journal reveals the real condition of my heart on any given day, during any given season. Psalms 139 says that God knows everything about us anyway. He not only knows the heart condition, He even knows the overflow of the … [Read more...]

Teach Your Daughters to Wail!!


This blog post written by Pat Layton, author of Surrendering the Secret Jer 9:20 (NIV) Now, O Women, hear the word of the Lord, open your ears to the words of His mouth--Teach your daughters to wail (utter a prolonged, inarticulate, mournful cry in grief or suffering) teach one another a lament (To feel and show grief, sorrow or regret). The line that follows these words of scripture says, "Death … [Read more...]