One hot topic lately is the book Fifty Shades of Grey... believe it or not, many of our women in the church are reading it.  They want to know why it's unhealthy, so LifeWay Women recently tackled this topic.  You will find below links to our web show "The Chat with Priscilla" with host Priscilla Shirer and her guests. Today's post is written by Linda Lesniewski, Women's Minister at Green Acres … [Read more...]

We're so excited to introduce you to a new author in the LifeWay Women family!  Her name is Donna Balaam, and she's coming all the way from a land far away with a new Bible study, "When Donkeys Talk."  Take a look at the cover---we'd love to hear your feedback! Oh, and by the way?  April Fools'... … [Read more...]

I recently had the privilege of hearing a powerful message from Christine Caine on the topic of Christ being the only satisfier of our souls. Here's my paraphrase of her message. We say: In Christ alone (plus a husband)... and I'll be satisfied. In Christ alone (plus losing 15 pounds)... and I'll be satisfied. In Christ alone (plus major home improvements)... and I'll be satisfied. In … [Read more...]

Is it just me, or are Christians really divided on the whole observing Lent thing? Last week, a Facebook friend of mine posted, “Ash Wednesday is coming. What are you sacrificing for Lent?” I was taken aback, and even a little offended, by some of the replies she got. From people poking fun (“I’ve lent just about all I can afford!”) to the accusatory (“Since when are you Catholic or … [Read more...]

If you're like me, you love a good giveaway. Well, friends, this one is better than good... Today, we're giving one winner TWO tickets to the 2013 Women's Forum! {Disclaimer: This only includes admission to the event itself and does not cover travel, food, lodging, or any other expenses.} Last year was the first time I was at the Forum, and now I understand why, around here, it's everyone's … [Read more...]

Today's post is from a dear friend of ours at LifeWay Women. Her name is Melanie Shankle, and most of you know her as Big Mama from The Big Mama Blog. Melanie keeps us in stitches each year as 1/2 a fearless hostess at dotMOM (the other hostess is our other dear friend Sophie Hudson of BooMama), and she also contributes to the All Access Blog. We think she's pretty great. And that's why we're … [Read more...]

We have a simple question for you today... What's your all-time favorite Beth Moore study? My personal favorite is Stepping Up: A Journey Through The Psalms of Ascent. Beth explores the major feasts of Israel and the songs of these traveling pilgrims on their way to these festivals. In the homework, she asks us to write our own Psalms (songs) to God based on themes each week. I did this study … [Read more...]

Ladies, whether you're a women's ministry leader or you lead a small group, we have something really exciting to tell you about today. LifeWay has just launched this neat membership-based program called Bible Study Insider. Basically, you sign up to be an "Insider," and - twice a year - you get a box shipped to you with 13-15 of the latest LifeWay small group Bible study member books for … [Read more...]

Happy February, everyone! Can you believe we're already through the month of January? To kick off the month of February, we thought we'd give away four copies of B&H Publishing's The Vow. The book is a true story about newlyweds Kim and Krickett Carpenter who get into a bad wreck, leaving Krickett in a coma for weeks. When she finally wakes up from the coma, she doesn't even remember who … [Read more...]

I'd like to take time today to talk about something important...cosmetics. We here at LifeWay Women are all about looking our best, both inside and out. A day doesn't pass by without a couple of us swapping recommendations on lipstick or asking what nail color one of us is wearing. It's one of the fun things about being a girl. So, I'm happy to share with you some of my favorite cosmetic and … [Read more...]