Teach Children How to Earn & Manage Money

When our son, Luke, was 11, my wife and I hired him to pull weeds from our front yard. He was paid $1 per plastic grocery bag that he could stuff full of weeds. He really liked the job, and we got rid of a lot of weeds! One Saturday morning, he invited another 11-year-old friend over to our house. Luke told him about this opportunity and asked if we would pay both of them to pull weeds. We … [Read more...]

David Thomas and Sissy Goff on Parenting in the Real World

We recently taught a parenting seminar and had teenagers help us with the question-and-answer panel at the end. One girl commented on the questions the parents asked: “We actually had more questions on technology than we did on talking to your kids about sex? What’s up with that?” Typically, we have a plethora of questions about talking to your children about puberty and sex. This week, there … [Read more...]

When Tough Love is Necessary

Love isn't always meek and mild. Sometimes love is firm and tough, but it's no less love. Consider Jesus' response to the moneychangers in the temple. They had turned from prayer to profit, but Jesus didn't sit idly by. When certain men turned religion into racketeering, He insisted that they leave the premises. His words are strong, "It is written," He said to them, "My house will be called a … [Read more...]

Security in Silence

Excerpted from Beth Moore's Children of the Day Bible study The Bible unfolds with an image of God walking among His people and draws to a close with Jesus, His risen Son, doing the same. Between those corresponding divine footprints, hundreds of times and in multiple ways, He bids man “come walk with Me.” To walk “before” Him, as so many verses word the concept, is to live continually God-aware. … [Read more...]

Free Friday: Women Reaching Women in Crisis

by Kaye Hurta and Chris Adams Even if you personally have not experienced infertility, a large number of women in your church and throughout your community are struggling with this issue. Some women may eventually become pregnant, some may adopt, and others may never have children in their home. No matter the situation, we need to come alongside these hurting women and be the hands and feet of … [Read more...]

The Minter Kitchen – Fresh Tomato Pasta


I’m tempted to say that this is one of my all-time favorite recipes but I tend to overuse that phrase. One reason I love this recipe is because it’s so simple while not lacking in flavor or presentation. This is a gorgeous dish, especially if you use different colors of tomatoes. Tossed alongside the rich green basil, black olives with hunks of white feta and you have yourself a colorful, fresh … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Anger in Marriage

She was sitting in my office with tears in her eyes when she said, "I know that as a Christian I shouldn't feel this way, but I've been so hurt by my husband that I can't stand to look at him. I've even thought how wonderful it would be if God just took him." She was experiencing a severe case of bitterness, which bordered on hatred. Bitterness is that state of mind and attitude of the heart … [Read more...]

The Minter Kitchen: Dressed Up Black Beans & Rice


  This simple recipe is one of my favorites. I should note that I travel to the Amazon jungle twice a year where beans and rice are staples. By Day 3 I’m usually scrounging for Kind Bars and peanut butter (which the Brazilians think is the most disgusting concept on earth), but after being home a few days I’m ready for beans and rice again. However, I like to dress this combo up a little and … [Read more...]

Are You Busy for the Right Reasons?


Here’s a news flash: I’m busy. Here’s another news flash: You are, too. Each day we rush from this place to that, this appointment to that one, this activity to the next. We hurry, hurry, hurry until we finally drop at the end of the day and lie down exhausted. Though we might complain about the pace of our lives at a given moment, a small piece of us seems to glory in that busyness. … [Read more...]