4 Big Impact Ideas for Small Churches

Sometimes in a small church, we feel like we just can’ do lots of ministry like a big church. And you know what, that’s really true. In fact no church can just copy the ministry of another regardless of size.  God uses all sized churches (80% or our churches across the country  run under 200 on Sunday) to have huge impact for the Kingdom. Guest blogger  Deb … [Read more...]

Get a Big Vision for Women’s Ministry in the Smaller Church


I like lists!  Before I go to bed I make a list of what I need to do the next day. Sometimes I take the main headings and do sub points under those headings.  In the course of the day if something comes up that must be addressed that didn’t make the list; I add it just to have the joy of crossing it off again!  Why do I do that?  I like to be well planned. Our … [Read more...]

6 Myths About Smaller-Church Women’s Ministry

Are you in a small church and feel like your women’s ministry will never get off the ground?  It is easy to look at larger churches and compare the successes that we see from the outside and believe they have it made.  Deb Douglas addressed these six myths and gave us some great tips for those in a smaller church. Deb has a great deal of women's ministry experience.  She … [Read more...]