Women’s Ministry In Transition Webcast

If you missed  this live informative web cast: Women's Ministry in Transition with women's ministry leaders Deb Douglas, Martha Lawley, Julie Woodruff, and LifeWay Women Event Project Coordinator Lauren Farmer on September 6th, you can still watch the live recording here.Women's ministry is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of women in our culture. Gain insights into simplifying … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Move Your Women’s Ministry to the Next Level


       Guest blogger Debbie Stuart serves as Director of Women’s Ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. As a leader for many years, she has seen ministry to women change often. Read her wise words about making change to benefit the lives of the women God brings into your life and ministry.        … [Read more...]

3 Ideas for Growing Girls into Godly Women

Jimmie Davis, is the director of girls’ ministry at First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, NC. She is also author of  Girls’ Ministry Handbook and Girls’ Ministry Idea Book. She has spent years working with girls and raising up leaders among the teen girls she has invested in. I will give you her top ten ideas and add some comment to each.Listen to her … [Read more...]

3 Answers for Women and Intergenerational Mentoring

At  a recent YOULead training event, this question was raised: “It is the heart’s desire of our women’s leadership team to have intergenerational mentoring groups (spiritual and practical) available to the women or our congregation.” Then she listed the following 3 questions which I will respond to with some ideas. 1) What would be a good starting age for the … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Twenty-Something

No, I am certainly not a “twenty-something”, but I know those who are!  I want to introduce you to the author of this blog post, Jacki C. King Jacki first wrote this for the Southern Baptists of Texas Women’s Ministry and has given us permission to re-post it. Jacki King is just a normal 20 something trying to live each moment for Jesus. She has been working and … [Read more...]

Girls & Women…Partners in Ministry?

Ever thought about how women’s ministry really starts with the girls in our church?  Do you have an active girls’ ministry?  And if you do, are the women personally involved to serve as models, mentors, and friends to these “young” women? What if we invest now, involve them now in ministry, and  seek to help them develop as leaders. Can you imagine what the … [Read more...]

How to Destroy a Young Adult Women’s Ministry?

Let’s take a different angel on this topic and have a little fun with this Official LifeWay Research as we learn “what NOT to do!” Ever wondered how you can destroy a ministry for young women? I am sure these will help you if that is your goal:  •         Enforce the policy that your members do nothing beyond showing up and … [Read more...]

Is Women’s Ministry Going Away?

I am excited to be posting for the first time on our new women’s ministry blog for leaders. Not only is it my prayer that this will be a helpful resource for you as a leader, but also so that I can learn from you. Is women’s ministry going away??? Women’s ministry has been around for quite a while now, at least 20-25 years, although women’s work in the church has … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Leader Blog Debut

We are so excited to launch the Women Reaching Women blog at the National Women's Leadership forum November 12 - 14 here at LifeWay. You will not want to miss the photos that will be posted throughout the forum!  Come back on Monday for new blog posts. … [Read more...]