This story came across my email this past week and I thought to myself, now this is why I do what I do. No, this has nothing to do with me personally, but sometimes I get caught up in the minutiae of work and need to be reminded of how God is working and how I'm so blessed to be even such a small little part in His work. Terry lives in Millington, TN, a large Navy/Marine military base and … [Read more...]

Rarely do we talk about our families on Allaccess, but today's a little glimpse into the lives of the Seidenkranz home. The man of my dreams - his name is Ed. We've been married for 13 and a half years. He's a musician and I'm his biggest fan. We've got two kiddos as you can see. God chose adoption for our family and we couldn't be happier about that! Josiah is a Nashville born boy (he's 9) and … [Read more...]

Post by Pat Layton If my "Prayer Chair" could talk it might tell you some pretty soapy secrets about my life. It's true isn't it? If you are like me, a look back at my prayer journal reveals the real condition of my heart on any given day, during any given season. Psalms 139 says that God knows everything about us anyway. He not only knows the heart condition, He even knows the overflow of the … [Read more...]

Yesterday Melanie mentioned that our buddy Travis Cottrell has written a brand new book (available now!) called Surprised By Worship: Discovering The Presence of God Where You Least Expect It. It's such an insightful, heartfelt testimony of finding God in unexpected places; it's one of those books that you'll underline and re-read over and over again. For the last couple of days I've been … [Read more...]

It wasn't long after last week's earthquake when word started to spread that Dan Woolley and David Hames, two men who work with Compassion International, were unaccounted for. They were in Haiti to shoot some video footage, and they had just returned to their hotel when the earthquake hit. David is still missing. We continue to pray for him and for his family. Dan was found and rescued last Friday … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas to all of our LifeWay women gals out there. I don't want to NOT spread Christmas cheer but I also want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have someone who is missing in their Christmas picture this year. I'm one of those people. Two of my dear co-workers at LifeWay just lost a parent very near to Christmas. To one friend, one day she was planning Christmas festivities and … [Read more...]

A TRUE Wilderness story . . . by a dear personal friend . . . Two weeks after I married my husband, I found out he was gay. I did not come from a home I wanted to move back into, and because I was raised believing divorce was a sin, I stayed. At the time, I lived in a new city with very few friends, and the church we attended was mostly my husband's family. I did have a deep love for God, but my … [Read more...]

We are so excited to launch the Women Reaching Women blog at the National Women's Leadership forum November 12 - 14 here at LifeWay. You will not want to miss the photos that will be posted throughout the forum!  Come back on Monday for new blog posts. … [Read more...]

Gals! I know you are in great anticipation of the release of the 2010 list and I PROMISE. We will post it first thing in the morning! So stay tuned. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you who visited our office on Monday. We had a VERY special guest (or guests). A few months ago, I put a prayer request for Ian Miller on this blog. Ian was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor on his brain. He has … [Read more...]

If you were at Deeper Still in Atlanta last year - or even if you weren't - you probably remember the story of the girls in the brown t-shirts. Well, this past weekend at Living Proof Live in Pittsburgh, Beth gave an absolutely incredible update on those sweet women. ISN'T THAT AWESOME? "For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies." - Psalm 57:10 … [Read more...]