If you're like me, everywhere you go you find women in crisis. It might be divorce, adultery, loss of a loved one, cancer diagnosis, job loss, and so many other issues. Do you feel prepared to help? I know I wasn’t the first time I was faced with a woman in a major crisis. But it was then when I sought out more experienced ministers on our staff to see how to help and when to know I needed to … [Read more...]

Not long ago I had the privilege to serve at a large event down South. As we exited the freeway for our downtown destination, one place of business was so prominent and well lit that you couldn't miss it with an inch-thick blindfold. It was a high-dollar strip club with a giant marquee advertising in neon lights the names and showtimes of various dancers. I was in the car with several … [Read more...]

To celebrate the release of Beth Moore's new Bible study, Children of the Day, we're giving away this beautiful desktop wallpaper! Click here for a FREE sample of the Bible study. To download: PC users, right-click on the art with your mouse and then save it to your computer. MAC users, hold down the "control" button while clicking on the art with your mouse; then choose "Save Image … [Read more...]

To work well in service to God also means to work as His people—as valued individuals and as a unified body of believers. Reading Nehemiah 3, we can’t help but notice the names of real, historical individuals recorded for us in Holy Scripture: each one was needed, and worthy to be written down for generations to read. But we must note as well the effect of all these names together, all these … [Read more...]

Ahh, Mother's Day. The official day of celebrating, honoring, and remembering the important women in our lives, from mothers to grandmothers to aunts to sisters. Each year I think about the women who have raised me—first and foremost, my Mom. She's pretty-much grace and kindness with skin. In the spirit of honoring the women who have taught us so much on Mother's Day, whether they be your mother … [Read more...]

But one of the Twelve, Thomas, was not with them when Jesus came..." (John 20:24). We have no record of where he was. We don't know if he was caught in the marketplace or lingering at home. We aren't privy to whether he was moments away or had decided not to join them at all. We only know that Thomas wasn't there to see the risen Jesus. All of us know the feeling of kicking yourself for … [Read more...]

Join Beth Moore on the Thessalonian shores as she walks you through the truth of each verse of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. In this study, you'll face crises, afflictions, relationships, doubts, concerns, and fears. Find encouragement for living the Christian life now and hope for when Christ returns. Enjoy these few short clips from the Bible … [Read more...]

Scripture is clear about the husband's role in a marriage: "For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church." —Eph. 5:23 There's just no other way to slice it. God has called men to lead their families. But maybe you're finding yourself in a place in your own home where this is not the reality. Instead of your husband taking leadership for the spiritual health of … [Read more...]

What is your current, ongoing reminder that life here is temporal? I’ll tell you one of mine. The ringleader of that gregarious pack of thankful friends is battling brain cancer. Overlooking the severity of his illness would be easier without a six-inch scar on one side of his shaved head. He also happens to be hilarious enough to play the cancer card to get his way: “Hey, Beth, can you cut me a … [Read more...]

Ideas for dinner, ideas for decorating, ideas for how to organize your pantry—you can find an idea (or 800 ideas) for just about anything on Pinterest. I personally use Pinterest nearly every day; it's my search engine of choice. My Pinterest boards are loaded with everything from kale recipes, to various shades of gray paint, to shoes I’m saving money to eventually (maybe) purchase. Like … [Read more...]