Taking time for your nearest and dearest isn’t always easy. Life is busy and seems to be getting busier. You work a full day, play with the kids, desire to rest for a moment, and then the next thing you know, you and your significant other are both asleep. There are sporting events, church functions, and much more that take up your time — many of which are good things. Busyness can be … [Read more...]

One of the greatest challenges among women in our culture is taking time to stop and cease from all the activities and busyness and just breathe. We are in bondage to busyness. We constantly strive to complete the limitless to-do lists that hinder us from experiencing all that God has for us. We miss the moments because we rush ahead to the next thing. By neglecting time for tranquility, … [Read more...]

Kelly Minter discusses details about her new book, Wherever the River Runs, as well as her hope for all those who read it. LifeWay Women: What was your inspiration for writing this book? Kelly Minter: A man named John Paculabo (president of then-Kingsway Music, now Integrity) invited some of his artists to the Amazon to see the work of a ministry he was involved in there. I instantly fell in … [Read more...]

When I saw the video of Ray Rice, the recently fired 200-pound running back for the Baltimore Ravens, knock his fiancée unconscious in an Atlantic City casino elevator, I felt sick to my stomach. “This is brutal,” I said out loud in my empty office to everyone and to no one. After Rice struck his fiancée, Janay (who is now his wife), he left her lying on the elevator floor unconscious for … [Read more...]

The Sabbath day was both an opportunity for the children of Israel to have some margin that would enhance their enjoyment of their new life and an exercise in showing a heightened respect for Yahweh. But they didn’t appreciate the gift. Israel likely felt about the same as we do about taking a space of time to simply appreciate God. By the time of the New Testament, it got worse. The religious … [Read more...]

Have you ever stopped to consider all of the hats you wear as a parent? There’s your coach’s hat for when you volunteer to take the literal role of soccer coach or batting instructor, but also the figurative one you wear when coaching your children to use things like the potty, kind words, or their bicycle hand brakes. There’s the EMT hat you wear when you become the medical first responder for … [Read more...]

Update: Congrats to Beckey, Mary, Halley, Carolyn, and Josh for winning this giveaway. You might remember Ian and Larissa from a video that went viral a few years ago. More than 10 million people saw it and were touched by their story. The story of how they met in college and fell in love. They talked about getting married and building a life together. They didn't imagine a car accident or … [Read more...]

One of the most important things you can do is be part of a small group. New groups connect more people than existing groups. Whether they are believers or do not know Christ, new people are more likely to come to a group with other new people as it is easier to get connected and form new relationships. New small groups also matter for personal growth. Discipleship is relational, and small … [Read more...]

Amanda Sherzer is a normal girl from Texas whom God has used in a powerful way in unique places of influence. Her story is unique, and the thread of God’s provision in her life is so clear. Not only is Amanda my friend, she’s also my cousin. I hope you’re encouraged by her story of being faithful right where the Lord plants you. How did you end up working in Washington, DC? I went to college … [Read more...]

There’s no question that hospitality truly is a gift, and it’s an incredible way to show Christ-likeness to people in our lives.  I wish that I could tell you that I’m an incredibly hospitable person, but it just doesn’t come naturally for me. It’s something I have to constantly work on. My friend Amy, however, has the gift of hospitality. She opens her home on a regular basis for friends to … [Read more...]