One hot topic lately is the book Fifty Shades of Grey... believe it or not, many of our women in the church are reading it.  They want to know why it's unhealthy, so LifeWay Women recently tackled this topic.  You will find below links to our web show "The Chat with Priscilla" with host Priscilla Shirer and her guests. Today's post is written by Linda Lesniewski, Women's Minister at Green Acres … [Read more...]

My friend and our guest blogger for today is Shirley Moses . She has served in a variety of women’s leadership roles and I love this challenge she offers for leaders as we consider how we are discipling our women. When we disciple other women we are to teaching them how to apply God's word to everyday events, never missing a God-given opportunity! In a funk, I called my friend to go for a … [Read more...]

I recently heard from a fairly new women’s ministry director who was planning an event for women.  Here is what she said: We are planning on a retreat at our church in 2014. We probably would have around 100+ women attend I am guessing. I have to submit a budget in a week or so and realized I have no idea how much a conference speaker might be or how to go about this. I am thinking it will be … [Read more...]

I am often asked how events are or are not working in bringing women into transformational change. You will be blessed by this post by my friend, Dr. Deb Douglas, Minister to Women at First Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA . She asks us to take a good look at our events and re-evaluate our efforts. My office is a jumble of Bibles, study books, notepads, sweet notes, pictures of my sweet … [Read more...]

Recently LifeWay president Dr. Thom Rainer posted a blog written by Dr. Chuck Lawless on diagnosing the health of the church. As I read the list, I thought this was a great list to consider if we want to check the health of our women’s ministry. Read that post here and the see that list below tailored for women’s ministry along with my thoughts: 1.     Is the church’s teaching based on the … [Read more...]

As a women’s leader I know you understand that it’s important to connect the women in your church to small groups. This is often the first place women new to your church look to do several things: Make friends Build accountability for spiritual growth Discover and use their gifts and strengths to serve Seek wisdom to navigate difficult life situations together Pray for and with each … [Read more...]

Much has been said of the different phases or stages of a woman’s life and no matter what stage you are in, this blog post will speak to you about your own investment in the future women’s leaders. Guest blogger author and women's leader Martha Lawley will challenge you to consider whether or not you are going to seed! Much has been said of the different phases or stages of a woman’s life. When … [Read more...]

I recently read a blog post that made me think we were still back in the 1980’s, or at least some of our ministries with women are.  Women have been increasingly in the workplace since before then so I am wondering at the reference in this post to this being a new issue. And the comment, “Women’s ministry either is on the decline or has a PR problem—or both,” made me wonder why then are there … [Read more...]

Perhaps you have planned events for women and not always known why, except that it's what has always been done. Maybe you once had a strong attendance but now it has dwindled. Do you ever wonder if it’s even worth it?  Today’s blog post is by one of our LifeWay staff event coordinators, Betsy Langmade. I'm an events girl and if I'm guessing right, you probably are too. We girls start young by … [Read more...]

Why is it our churches still struggle with how to get women to mentor other women? Seems a topic at each leadership training we host!  But read how Lorie Looney Keene is being mentored in the daily-ness of life. This makes it so doable! Encourage your women to watch for these daily opportunities to make a difference in the life of a woman. As a seminary student and later as a seminary … [Read more...]