Mentoring: Sew Much Love


A hot topic for women’s ministry for years now has been mentoring. At times it works powerfully as a formally established ministry in the church, such as Woman to Woman Mentoring. But much of mentoring happens without even calling it mentoring because it happens as we go about our lives and connect with women in different generations. Our lives are made richer and we walk deeper with Christ as we … [Read more...]

Becoming God’s Counter-Cultural Woman


Becoming God’s Counter-Cultural Woman: The High Calling and Necessity for Women of Influence  This continues our series of posts from workshop leaders at our 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum. Monica Rose Brennan writes about a topic that is increasingly important as we minister to women. I know you will identify with this need among the women in our churches as well. I had the privilege of … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Evaluate Your Strategy to Assimilate New Believers


When I became a believer as a preteen, I didn't have someone to walk me through the basic steps of discipleship, nor really even challenge me to spend time alone with God through prayer and scripture study.  There were many years I stayed a baby Christian, not knowing I was supposed to develop as a disciple. Often leaders will ask, what do you have as a resource for new believers?  I do think … [Read more...]

The Heart is Searching


Gwen Oatsvall is the Co-Founder of 147 Million Orphans along with Suzanne Mayernick.  Together they led workshops at the 2013 Women’s Forum on the topic of orphan care. Read a little about their experience at the Women's Forum and how it connected women to social justice ministry.   What an amazing opportunity for 147 Million Orphans to be a part of the Women's Ministry Forum.  It is a joy to … [Read more...]

Reaching Single Women at Church


One of our breakout leaders from the 2013 Women's Forum was Laura Chapman, Connections Minister at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, TN. She was on a panel with several other single women to discuss how we minister to the single women in our church. Here are some helpful thoughts she has for us as women’s ministry leaders: I’m convinced that walking into a church solo is one of the … [Read more...]

Blessing the Next Generation


This post is part of a series as we recap the 2013 Women’s Forum. Esther Burroughs, Director of Esther Burroughs Ministries…Treasures of the Heart, was one of our speakers at the forum this year and continues to pour into women, seeking to mentor the next generation in life and ministry. The word of God says clearly in many places, that we are to bless the generations.  “ This will be written … [Read more...]

Are You Leading Women to Make Disciples?


As we continue this series taken from breakout sessions at the 2013 Women's Forum, consider the focus of your women’s ministry. Is it events, fellowship or is it making disciples?  Consider that question as you read this post from guest blogger, speaker and conference leader Karen Alexander-Doyel.   “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and … [Read more...]

Does Your Women’s Ministry Need to Go on a Diet?


Once again I was inspired by a post on Dr. Thom Rainer’s blog to consider how it might apply to women’s ministry.  Any time I see the word busy, I identify!  And I believe our churches do as well. Dr. Rainer gives us seven reasons to consider puttng a women’s ministry on a diet. Read his post first, then let’s look at each of his seven reasons. Excessive activities can actually preclude … [Read more...]

Ministering to Women in a Small Group Community Culture

Young Adults

Sometimes our church culture changes and as women’s ministry leaders we struggle to figure out how to minister to women in a new paradigm.  Such was the case for a leader who sought out the wisdom of women’s ministry leader Sheila West, founder of Real Living Ministries. She shares great points to consider regarding how to minister to women in a church that filters its ministry through small … [Read more...]

Spiritual Stages in Disciple-Making Part 6: Spiritual Parents


This is the final post in our 6 part series on spiritual stages. Please also see Part 1, Part 2 Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. Today Ashley Chesnut concludes this series as she talks about spiritual parents. As we discussed stages of spiritual growth in our most recent women’s small group leader training, one of the ladies asked whether or not you have to be a spiritual parent to lead a small group. … [Read more...]