My Inheritance

Back in January I bought a CD called God Speaking by a guy named Ronnie Freeman. I loved the CD instantly, and even now, almost eight months later, it's still in constant rotation on my iPod. The CD is, in a word, excellent. There's one song in particular that I thought might be of interest to those of y'all who were at Living Proof Live this past weekend. The song is called "My Inheritance," and … [Read more...]

New Beth Moore!

Hello everyone! Kris here. I know, you haven't heard from me in so long and I am way convicted! I don't want to sound like a marketing strategist, but well, that's what I am and this bit of information is too good to not let you in on it! I just got this video today - hot off the press - straight from our amazing video production team. Get ready girls. Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman will be … [Read more...]


It seems like everywhere I turn lately I see something about Fireproof (our friend Pam actually wrote about it in one of the first allaccess posts). There's no doubt that this movie is going to have huge buzz by the time it hits theatres on September 26th. Now I'll be honest with y'all. Even though I'm sure that Fireproof is an excellent film, it's not the kind of movie that would normally make me … [Read more...]

On loving well

This past weekend my husband cleaned out my car, oh God bless him. Because while I realize that there are probably many of you who keep immaculately maintained vehicles with nary a curly French fry in sight, I confess to you right here and now that I struggle in this area. The car cleanliness thing tends to get away from me. However, the up side is that if you're ever looking for a Coke-stained … [Read more...]

Open Access

I think it would be safe to say that I'm a people person. And what I mean by that is that when I meet people, if I have time, I love to look for common denominators: shared friends, shared backgrounds, shared interests, shared favorite colors, shared favorite song in the summer of 1989, etc. and so forth and so on amen. Not too long after I started blogging, I joined an online group study of Beth … [Read more...]

My two cents-ish

I loved reading all of your suggestions and recommendations for Bible studies, and I thought I'd throw a suggestion in the ring because, well, I like to share. (Total sidenote: earlier today I told my little boy that I wanted him to repeat something to his daddy that he'd said to me, and he looked at me for a second, sighed, and said, "OH, MAMA - ARE WE ALL GONNA TALK ABOUT IT OR SOMETHING? I GET … [Read more...]

He is

Remember that time I went to Deeper Still in Atlanta? I know! It's like I've hardly mentioned it! Anyway, at the end of her talk on Friday night, Priscilla Shirer quoted (By memory, thankyouverymuch. I barely remember my telephone number these days.) the lyrics to "He Is" by Aaron Jeoffrey. "In Genesis, He's the breath of life In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb In Leviticus, He's our high … [Read more...]

A summer in the Word

I started blogging about two years ago and one of the best surprises of the whole thing is that I've become a part of a community. A community that prays for one another, encourages one another, and celebrates victories for momentous occasions like when you finally potty-train your child. About the time I started my blog, there were several women online doing Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself … [Read more...]

Looking for the quiet

Yesterday I was in the car for a pretty long time by myself, and do you know what I did, y'all? Do you know? I listened to a whole sermon. I did! Right there! In my car! Alone! It was a message that I missed a few weeks ago when I was out of town, and as I listened to our pastor teach from I Corinthians to Matthew to Genesis and back to I Corinthians again, I amen'd and uh-huh'd all the way down … [Read more...]

One more day until Atlanta

Wow. So we are passionate about the modesty issue. In fact, I have totally re-thought my decision to wear a tube top to Deeper Still this weekend. Oh I'm kidding. I would never wear a tube top to Deeper Still in Atlanta. I'm saving it for Deeper Still Las Vegas. In all seriousness, the modesty issue hits a nerve because we all have such strong feelings about it. But, like everything else women … [Read more...]