Bless Your Ministers’ Wives!


You may remember several years ago about a pastor shot in his church on a Sunday morning. We were all shocked and couldn’t imagine this happening in our own churches. This was a church in Illinois and the pastor was Fred Winters. He left behind a family… his wife Cindy and two daughters. Her journey has been difficult, but God had been faithful and she writes about that in her new book, … [Read more...]

Women Making Deposits and Withdrawals


Leighann is the senior pastor's wife at Thompson Station Church, Thompson Station, Tennessee and our guest blogger today. Consider how you are making deposits and withdrawals in  lives of others and in the Kingdom.Many years ago my husband Tom and I met a pastor that served a growing church north of us. He was nearing retirement age and was a great man of wisdom. He told Tom that leading the … [Read more...]

Top 10 for Ministers’ Wives


This post focuses on other things we should or should not do as we love on and walk beside our ministers’ wives in our churches. Share these with your women’s ministry leadership team and find ways to support these wives on an ongoing basis.  1.    Do not assume your ministers’ wife WANTS to be a leader or member of your leadership team.  Find out what … [Read more...]

Ministers’ Wives…Guard Unity!

Guest blogger, Jennifer Landrith is the wife of David  who serves as the senior pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee, where they have been for 13 years.  She shares with ministry wives the essential need for unity in the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:3 – “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”I have … [Read more...]

Myth: The Pastor’s Wife Should Always Lead the Women’s Ministry


Of course, and play the piano and teach the children and cook a big Sunday meal for anyone and, and and…..Right! OK, seriously, if this is your assumption, then you must also thing each woman in the church has a pre-arranged ministry to lead and you know just what it is!  How many of us, pastor’s wife or not, have served out of obligation or “because someone else … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live Webcast:Minister’s Wives Get Real

Ministers’ Wives, if you missed this   special web cast just for you!   It's not too late!  We  interviewed minister's wives LIVE from our National Women's Leadership Forum!Click here to view the web cast!LifeWay Women Live AT WOMEN’S FORUM: Ministers’ Wives GET REAL to Connect All Generations of Minister’s Wives! with guest … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live Webcast:Minister’s Wives Get Real

Ministers’ Wives don’t miss this special web cast just for you!  We will be interviewing minister's wives LIVE from our National Women's Leadership Forum!Don't miss this special webcast on Thursday,  November 10th at 9:30 a.m. (Central Time) LifeWay Women Live AT WOMEN’S FORUM: Ministers’ Wives GET REAL to Connect All Generations of Minister’s Wives! with … [Read more...]

18 Practical Ways to Take Care of the Minister’s Wife


   Women’s ministry leaders can be catalysts to encourage love and support for our ministers’ wives. Check out these suggestions provided by women’s leader and pastor’s wife Becky Badry. The ministers' wives in your church are special ladies in your women's ministry with a set of needs unique to ministers' families. Make special efforts to take care of a … [Read more...]

Minister’s Wives, Your Kids Need You


Today you will hear from guest blogger and PK Lisa Whittle. She shares some great thoughts about being in ministry and ministering to your kids in the post. Ministry moms, there are some things your kids need you to know...Your husband is important.  People admire you.  But in every way, your role at home to your family is your greatest ministry.As a pastor’s kid myself, I have … [Read more...]

LifeWay Women Live WEBCAST: Resourcing the Church Plant

If you missed this live inspiring and informative web cast: Resourcing the Church Plant June 21, don't worry! You can view the webcast here. Join Chris Adams, Pam Case & Paige Greene, along with special guest Trish Davis, wife of Justin Davis, campus pastor of Crosspoint Church, Bellevue, TN.If you're a women's leader at a new church plant, this webcast is for you. How can women reach … [Read more...]