Several months ago, LifeWay’s president  Dr.Thom Rainer wrote a post about pastors’ wives. The responses and comments were numerous and incredible. He re-posted it in January and I felt it’s so helpful not only for minister's wives but also for women’s ministry leaders that I wanted to re-post it in full here.  Use this as an opportunity to get to know, minister to, and love on all your church … [Read more...]

This post is part of a series from leaders who spoke at our Women’s Leadership Forum in 2013.  Kathy Ferguson Litton spoke to ministry wives on the topic of being authentic. This post relates to ALL women!  “Inexperienced in the art of acting”, the words grabbed me. Why? This is the meaning of the word “sincere” found in 2 Timothy 1: 5 “Clearly recalling your sincere faith that first lived … [Read more...]

Today you will hear from guest blogger and pastor’s wife Cindy Beall as she shares how she is investing in time with her husband. Being a porch (or deck) lover myself, I see the effectiveness of setting this kind of time aside with our spouse, especially in the rush of our busy ministry lives. I had just become Mrs. Chris Beall when we moved into a little duplex on Mill Street in San Marcos, … [Read more...]

Some days in ministry are just long and hard. How do we continue to radiate with Christ’s glory when you are worn out or frustrated? Read guest blogger Judy Patrick’s challenge to minister’s wives to have a glowing complexion! And it came about when Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai . . . that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shown because of his speaking with [God]. So when … [Read more...]

Guest blogger and pastor’s wife Cindy Beall writes a great post today as one  who spends time pouring into the other wives on their staff. God doesn’t expect us to work magic; He just wants us to be available to the women He places in our sphere of influence. See how Cindy is doing this and share how you are leading your women. These lovely ladies are the strength behind the men who lead the … [Read more...]

Judy Patrick, guest blogger today, and pastor’s wife for over 35 years, does know “how it feels.”  I wonder if you have ever identified with any of these feelings written below? If so, perhaps you might want to share this with your husband! Honey, I know you’re busy—preparing sermons; visiting; attending deacons’ meetings; and the Johnson’s need marital counseling. This is just the beginning of … [Read more...]

Although guest blogger Judy Patrick has been a pastor’s wife for over 35, she knows that darkness can invade your life and ministry. Read her experience here and see how she found God in that darkness. After the birth of my last child, I experienced unimaginable depression and anxiety. Panic attacks occurred daily. Nighttime became an opportunity to escape life by sleeping, however, sleep did … [Read more...]

As Judy Patrick has served in her role as pastor’s wife for over 35 years, she has grown in her ability to find refreshment in the midst of a busy and sometimes challenging life. Read how she stays refreshed and ready to serve! There is nothing like the cool, refreshing, rejuvenating feeling of placing your hands and feet into a cool stream of mountain water. The icy water seems to awaken the … [Read more...]

You may remember several years ago about a pastor shot in his church on a Sunday morning. We were all shocked and couldn’t imagine this happening in our own churches. This was a church in Illinois and the pastor was Fred Winters. He left behind a family… his wife Cindy and two daughters. Her journey has been difficult, but God had been faithful and she writes about that in her new book, … [Read more...]

Leighann is the senior pastor's wife at Thompson Station Church, Thompson Station, Tennessee and our guest blogger today. Consider how you are making deposits and withdrawals in  lives of others and in the Kingdom.Many years ago my husband Tom and I met a pastor that served a growing church north of us. He was nearing retirement age and was a great man of wisdom. He told Tom that leading the … [Read more...]