#AllAccessSpringCleaning Giveaway Day 15

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Update: Congratulations to our winners for this giveaway - Judy, Denise, Kim, Amanda, and Lauren! Ladies, we just have to tell you: we're loving your response to this month of giveaways! We've been so encouraged by your excitement about the resources, and we're so happy that all of these books and studies are being put to such great use by all of you beautiful women. Today we're giving … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Fourth!


I was recently reading the July issue of Home Life magazine and was drawn to an article by Camerin Courtney.  She mentioned several great ideas for helping the military family and since it’s the 4th of July I thought I’d share them you. 1.    PRAY regularly for a military family. Stay in contact with them. Ask for specific requests and let them know you’re … [Read more...]

4 Ways You Can Reach Out to Military Wives


In this interview with military wife and author Sara Horn, Grace Clausing shares some helpful tips for making a difference in the lives of military families. Think through what you can do as we celebrate our freedom this weekend!If it's not your own family member serving in the military, chances are, you know someone who has been affected by the war in Iraq. It can be difficult to know just how to … [Read more...]

Helps for Military Wives


I am sure you have many women and other family members in your church who have loved ones in the military. If you live near military bases you have even more opportunity to minister to these wives.  Sara Horn is the founder of Wives of Faith and the author of GOD Strong: A Military Wife’s Spiritual Survival Guide.   She has a heart for military wives, partially because … [Read more...]