Preventing Burnout for Women in Leadership


Our LifeWay President Dr. Thom Rainer recently posted Twelve Ways Pastors Went form Burnout to Vision . This post is focused on pastors, but I’d say they connect with anyone in Christian leadership. I have often found myself close to burnout as I’ve served Christ and figured there were so many other women’s leaders facing burnout as well.  Take a look at this list Dr. Rainer shared and ask … [Read more...]

Do Women’s Leaders Ever Have Pressure Points?


Of course not... Right!  Maybe constantly, you say? I understand.  What pressure points are you dealing with right now? Let’s list a few leaders might experience: Tough situations among leaders on your team Personal family trials Issues in your church body that threatens a split Betrayal by someone close to you The need to forgive someone you don't even like Wonderful ministry … [Read more...]

Going to Seed Yet?


Much has been said of the different phases or stages of a woman’s life and no matter what stage you are in, this blog post will speak to you about your own investment in the future women’s leaders. Guest blogger author and women's leader Martha Lawley will challenge you to consider whether or not you are going to seed! Much has been said of the different phases or stages of a woman’s life. When … [Read more...]

8 Ideas for Single Women Serving in Ministry


A few weeks ago, Chris shared 8 Ideas for Married Women Serving in Ministry, so I thought I would follow up with a response for all of the single women out there who are reading! Serving the church looks different depending on our life circumstances, so we need to take that into account when we're trying to find our place. It's really hard for me to say "no" to good things, but I've had to … [Read more...]

View From The Pew: Mentoring Women Made Easy


Why is it our churches still struggle with how to get women to mentor other women? Seems a topic at each leadership training we host!  But read how Lorie Looney Keene is being mentored in the daily-ness of life. This makes it so doable! Encourage your women to watch for these daily opportunities to make a difference in the life of a woman. As a seminary student and later as a seminary … [Read more...]

Ministering to Single Women


We can hardly get past Christmas before stores put out Valentine's Day cards and decorations. As women, it seems like we're put in one of two categories: you either have a Valentine or you don't. For those of us who are single, it can be a challenging time of year! In churches, we often offer a couple's dinner or a daddy daughter dance, but single women aren't always acknowledged. It's more than … [Read more...]

8 Ideas for Married Women Serving in Ministry


Often I am asked how I balance life, ministry, family, church, etc, etc.  First of all, let me tell you, I DO NOT HAVE BALANCE, at least not most of the time. But I do seek healthy balance of all God has given me to do on a daily basis. Some days are better than others! And some seasons are more stressful than others. I’ve written on balance and burnout a number of times on this blog: check out … [Read more...]

How do You Handle “Issues” in Ministry?


It seems that “issues” arise when we least expect them.  And why is it that when one does, several seem to pop up?  Have you ever had a month like that, or a week like that, or how about a day like that??  So what do we do? 2013 has started off with a bang for me.  I’ve been somewhat slowed down by foot surgery I had in December. The frantic pace that we were all living in just prior to my … [Read more...]

Focus in Women’s Ministry for 2013… What’s Yours?


Leighann is the senior pastor's wife at Thompson Station Church, Thompson Station, Tennessee and our guest blogger today. Perhaps you can identify with her thoughts for the new year, and you will certainly be challenged as you decide your focus in ministry this year. I had a dream the other night. It might have been spurred by the variety of drugs that are pumping through my body as a result of … [Read more...]

So Much More! Four Lessons for Women’s Leaders as You Begin Ministry in 2013


Thank you to women’s  leader Debbie Stuart, Women’s Ministry Director, Prestonwood Baptist Church as she writes a challenge for us as we begin the new year in women’s ministry. When the fall Bible Study semester ends at church, I always look forward to where the Lord will direct my study time through the Holiday season. I was less than thrilled when He directed me to…Lamentations. Seriously? … [Read more...]