Worship as a Spiritual Discipline

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A couple of months ago I heard a worship song that I have since played over and over and over and over again (you can ask my roommate and my friends—they’ll tell you). It’s “Good, Good Father” by Housefires, and I think I’ve finally realized why I love the song so much. It’s because it declares who God is. It declares His goodness to His people, and because of His goodness, we see who we are in … [Read more...]



This week, while many in the country are bracing for even more winter weather, Panama City Beach is bracing for Spring Break. The sun and sand become scattered with college students, rowdy, reckless, and rebelling. The locals prepare for the invasion and disruption they've come to know as March and quiet forces make their way south. The Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Team links arms with … [Read more...]

Some Black and White for 50 Shades of Grey

fifty shades

  “What are you talking about?” “Just this book we are reading.” “Really? What is the book? You know I’m always reading something! Maybe I’d like it.” “Uh…no, you probably wouldn’t.” After a pause, “It’s not the kind of book we normally read, but we’ve heard so many people talking about it.” After a moment of hesitation, my friends went on to tell me about Fifty Shades of Grey, … [Read more...]

Kingdom Hospitality: How The King’s People Welcome Others

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Opening your door means that there is something inside worth inviting someone in to see and experience. Opening your door means that you don’t desire to keep it all for yourself but that sharing with others is a priority. True hospitality isn’t only sharing with others who are like you, but also with others who need you. While we should always be ready to open our doors for traveling missionaries, … [Read more...]

6 Questions to Ask as the Battle Rages in the Lives of Leaders


Have you ever experienced spiritual warfare just at the moment (or shortly after) you took a step of faith to know Christ more deeply and serve Him more faithfully? The first time it happened to me I was totally unprepared and questioned the call God had on my life and that of my husband. Wasn’t serving God in full time ministry what He had asked of us? As we prayed and asked God to clarify what … [Read more...]

In it for the Long Haul (Part 2)


If you missed part 1, please read it first. As we fill up on Christ and walk in hope, we will influence those we lead to walk in faith. We see this same principle in Romans 15:13, Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe [in Him] so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. What we see here is that we fill up on this God of hope … [Read more...]

In it for the Long Haul (Part 1)


As a leader do you ever think about how long you will serve in the position you are in? I know we have no idea what God has for us in the future, but one thing we know, as long as we are His children (and for a Christian that is from the point of salvation to forever!) we are to serve Him…out of love for Him and to bring Him glory.  So, since that means life long, we better think about how we will … [Read more...]

Surviving Storms as a Leader


Guest blogger Shugie Collingsworth led breakout sessions at our 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum. Here is a brief view of what she shared about how leaders can face the storms of life to walk and serve faithfully no matter what.  Perhaps you will join us in November for the Women’s Forum. Life is made up of sunny days and stormy ones. Just as the storms of the weather are varied – rain, ice, snow, … [Read more...]

Are You Teaching Your Family to Hate Ministry?


When God first called me to serve Him in ministry I had no idea that  how I served could  influence my children toward or away from ministry, or even serving God at all. As I speak to leaders today, I encourage them to always remember that family is your first ministry, not your last one. Ed Stetzer recently wrote this post on the subject for ministry leaders and I want to encourage you to read … [Read more...]

Women Sabotaged by Emotions


As a women’s leader, I am sure you have incidents in ministry that could ruin your day and even your whole week. Have you ever felt sabotaged by someone you serve?  I think you will be able to identify with this post today by guest blogger Linda Lesniewski,  Women's Minister at Green Acres Baptist Church. Have you ever been sabotaged by your emotions? I have! Perhaps an email from an angry church … [Read more...]