Here are links to some things we're loving! We love this A Beautiful Design sermon series by Matt Chandler on manhood and womanhood. We've been recommending it to everyone in the office and now to you! The Skimm is how a lot of us love to get our news. The Skimm sends a daily email with the latest on world events and why they're important. It is not a Christian resource, but we love … [Read more...]

Here are a few things we're loving this week! We love this by Eric Geiger: 4 Reasons to Believe in Young Leaders. We love to travel and this blog post tells you How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere. Larissa tried this out and it works! As Heather said, we could not love this song more: We love our sisters and this group of sisters has taken forty portraits in forty … [Read more...]

Here are links to things we're loving this week! "This is what I know about spiritual life: it is not a solo endeavor ..." We love this piece by Shauna Niequist about friendship. Strawberry Shortcake Protein Overnight Oatmeal. Our magazines and devotionals Team Leader, Emily, loves this so much she eats it almost every morning. There's a Blueberry Cobbler version, too. We love this … [Read more...]

Here are some links to things we're loving this week.  Are you as addicted to home makeover shows as we are? We love this article by Melanie explaining that perhaps our love of those shows demonstrates a deeper desire in all of us. This just came across our Instagram feeds this week, but we kind of love it. Illustrated Faith has us looking at Scripture in a fun new way. If you're like us, … [Read more...]

Here are links to some things we're loving this week.  We love this recipe for 5-Ingredient Easy White Chicken Chili so much that we've passed it all the way around the office, from marketing to publishing. We're fans. You know what we love? Living Proof Live! This past weekend kicked off our #lproof2015 events. Here's our recap of the teaching and here's a video recap thanks to David … [Read more...]

Here are some links to things we're loving this week.  3 Female Ghosts That Haunt the Church. We love this perspective for men and women from Jen Wilkin. "In the un-haunted church where love trumps fear, women are viewed (and view themselves) as allies rather than antagonists, sisters rather than seductresses, co-laborers rather than children." We love these Scripture prints by French Press … [Read more...]

Here are some links to things we're loving this week.  We love podcasts. One of our favorites right now is That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs. She's had a different topic every week and the good news is that there are only four episodes so far, so you can easily catch up! Those of us who are single don't always love when people point out our singleness with a "I can't believe you're single!" … [Read more...]

Links to things we're loving this week! We've seen a few people tweet about this song—maybe you have too! We love this version of Rich Mullins' "If I Stand" by Adam Young (Owl City). One of our favorite artists right now is Dana Tanamachi. You've probably seen her designs in places like Target and on various magazines and books. Perhaps on the cover of a Bible study? We love it! Check out … [Read more...]

We thought it would be fun to show you what we're loving each week. We'll post links to things we find around the web that we love and think you might love, too. Enjoy! We love reading (bet you would have never guessed that!) and so we love this list Christianity Today put together of the books most likely to shape evangelical thought, life, and culture in 2015. This song by Lauren Daigle … [Read more...]

We could pretend it isn't the case, but the truth is we use our phones for everything. They're one of the first things we look at in the morning (we even use them as our alarm clocks—how can we not look at them!) and they're with us at all times. That makes them perfect vehicle for staying in God's Word. The new year is a great time to start new habits, so we thought we'd list a few of our … [Read more...]