Whether you are volunteer or paid staff, have you ever waited and waited for your staff (which is probably mostly male) to recognize and encourage the ministry you believe so strongly in? Maybe you need to consider a few things as you establish credibility for women’s ministry: Do you report regularly (and in bullet form) the ministry results you are seeing among your women? Keep a journal or … [Read more...]

As leaders, we often struggle with delegating. Why?  Someone might not do it my way. Someone might not do it as well as I would. Someone might do it better than I would! It’s easier to do it myself? Add your reason here________________________ Ladies, we must delegate or we do not shepherd our women well. We are NOT assigned to do all the work, we are to equip the body to serve.  We … [Read more...]

Do leaders ever have fear? Should they? As a leader, I’ve often faced situations that scared me to death. God does not call us to serve Him and then throw things at us to make us afraid to obey His call. Read this post by guest blogger Becky Badry, founder and director of Women in Leadership Coaching  to learn 5 practical ways to face our fears as we lead. “It is not the critic who counts; … [Read more...]

Once again I am going to borrow a topic from a post on Dr. Thom Rainer's blog  by Chuck Lawless, Six Reasons Why I Love Church Staff . If you are familiar with my posts that link to this blog, you know the routine. Read his post first, then we will evaluate our own leadership qualities in view of those thoughts.Now, you may be saying (as the majority of women’s ministry leaders can say), “I am not … [Read more...]

This is the conclusion of a 2-part blog series by Sheila West. Be sure to read part 1 first, then conclude with more of her practical suggestions to help leaders avoid spiritual stress fractures.   Choose now to stop trying to push through your tiredness, your spiritual weakness, your pain, and/or your fear that is more than you can cope with on your own.  It will ultimately create a prolonged … [Read more...]

Leaders, as you prepare for ministry in 2014, I want to challenge you to consider guest blogger Sheila West’s wise words in this post. Many of us struggle with the issue of “spiritual stress fractures” as we seek to serve Christ faithfully. This is the perfect time to evaluate yourself and start new habits in leading and growing in Christ. "Still?!!!!!!" That was the only word that my voice … [Read more...]

If you have read this blog very long, you know that occasionally I link you to our president Dr. Thom Rainer’s blog for a particular post. Let’s do that again. First jump over and read 12 Characteristics of Effective Team Members by Dr. Chuck Lawless, then come back and let’s relate those characteristics to women’s leaders. Humility.   Our team members, including ourselves, must remember that … [Read more...]

This is second in a series as we recap our 2013 Women’s Forum, Today you will hear from popular Bible teacher and speaker Margaret Feinberg. The Lord used her as one of our keynote speakers this year to challenge the leaders to live Wonderstruck today!   In our modern culture, we aren’t really taught to nurture a sense of wonder. Yet from the very beginning of Genesis, we get a glimpse … [Read more...]

None of us just loves to be criticized. In fact, if you are like me, you shy away from it if at all possible. What if God could use that to refine us and make us better leaders? What if how we react to criticism could even influence those we lead and serve with? One day in my office, I received a harsh criticism. I can’t even remember now what it was about, but I knew it was hard for me to … [Read more...]

Jenni Catron recently posted the following on her blog.  When I read it I was convicted and challenged to re-think the questions. I’ve reposted here so that all our LifeWay Women leaders would also be challenged by her wisdom as a leader and as Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Jenni is also one of our workshop leaders for the  Women's Leadership Forum this year.  (Pray … [Read more...]