Hospitality Hints | Ways to Love New Moms


Hospitality Hints is a monthly feature on our blog (this is the first one!) with some helpful hints for being hospitable in everyday life. Our hints may involve inviting people over, but not always! Most of the time, they will be about having a posture of hospitality—welcoming others into our lives.  Ways to Love New Moms We don't know about y'all, but our Facebook and Instagram feeds … [Read more...]

Worship as a Spiritual Discipline

worship journal

A couple of months ago I heard a worship song that I have since played over and over and over and over again (you can ask my roommate and my friends—they’ll tell you). It’s “Good, Good Father” by Housefires, and I think I’ve finally realized why I love the song so much. It’s because it declares who God is. It declares His goodness to His people, and because of His goodness, we see who we are in … [Read more...]

Surprise! We All Need Jesus | Compassion International

Compassion Mickey

I have a pen-pal. I know, right? Who has a pen pal these days? Well I do. Her name is Clare and she is the most adorable 10-year-old girl on the face of the planet. Ever. We don’t speak the same language, but with the help of my friends at Compassion International, I’m able to write letters to Clare and maintain this special friendship from over 7,000 miles away. I am Clare’s sponsor—meaning I … [Read more...]

No Such Thing as Childless | Compassion International

Uganda Compassion -- Lifeway Trip 1501UG

I’m 48 years old, single, and have never had children of my own. I’ve never been pregnant. This was a shock to the beautiful women I met in Uganda in late January. We were all sharing testimonies. Mine was simple. Divorced, no children, but God has been faithful. Theirs were much more difficult and heartbreaking; husbands kicking them out for only having female children, children with HIV, … [Read more...]

Keep Coming Back to the Table

family meal

A few years ago, our family decided to have our Easter lunch at my Mama’s house, just like we used to do when we were growing up. Church commitments had kept my siblings, cousins, and me at our respective houses for several years in a row, but that year we determined that instead of trying to convince my Mama why she shouldn’t go to any trouble for all of us, we’d just shut our collective mouths … [Read more...]

Q&A with Beth Moore [part 2]


Because it’s the 20th Anniversary of LifeWay Women’s partnership with Beth Moore, we thought it would be a great opportunity to ask her some questions. And we’d love to share her answers with you! This is part two of a three-part series. Click here to see Part 1. Was there a turning point in your spiritual journey?  The huge turning point in my spiritual journey was at 27 when I took my … [Read more...]

Q&A with Beth Moore


  Because it's the 20th Anniversary of LifeWay Women's partnership with Beth Moore, we thought it would be a great opportunity to ask her some questions. And we'd love to share her answers with you! This will be part one of a three-part series. On Marriage & Family What's your #1 marriage advice? Be willing to fall back in love again. And again. And again. And again. And … [Read more...]

Some Black and White for 50 Shades of Grey

fifty shades

  “What are you talking about?” “Just this book we are reading.” “Really? What is the book? You know I’m always reading something! Maybe I’d like it.” “Uh…no, you probably wouldn’t.” After a pause, “It’s not the kind of book we normally read, but we’ve heard so many people talking about it.” After a moment of hesitation, my friends went on to tell me about Fifty Shades of Grey, … [Read more...]

Kingdom Hospitality: How The King’s People Welcome Others

ordinary blog

Opening your door means that there is something inside worth inviting someone in to see and experience. Opening your door means that you don’t desire to keep it all for yourself but that sharing with others is a priority. True hospitality isn’t only sharing with others who are like you, but also with others who need you. While we should always be ready to open our doors for traveling missionaries, … [Read more...]

One Word Resolutions for 2015

One Word Year

You want the skinny on resolutions? 45% of Americans usually make New Year’s Resolutions and a mere 8% of us are successful in achieving our resolutions. Terrible odds, I say. Several years ago the girls in my small group taught me a new approach to resolutions. Instead of making a resolution, we chose a word for our year. While we enjoyed giving vision to our year—the year of freedom or … [Read more...]