A hot topic for women’s ministry for years now has been mentoring. At times it works powerfully as a formally established ministry in the church, such as Woman to Woman Mentoring. But much of mentoring happens without even calling it mentoring because it happens as we go about our lives and connect with women in different generations. Our lives are made richer and we walk deeper with Christ as we … [Read more...]

Several months ago, LifeWay’s president  Dr.Thom Rainer wrote a post about pastors’ wives. The responses and comments were numerous and incredible. He re-posted it in January and I felt it’s so helpful not only for minister's wives but also for women’s ministry leaders that I wanted to re-post it in full here.  Use this as an opportunity to get to know, minister to, and love on all your church … [Read more...]

When God first called me to serve Him in ministry I had no idea that  how I served could  influence my children toward or away from ministry, or even serving God at all. As I speak to leaders today, I encourage them to always remember that family is your first ministry, not your last one. Ed Stetzer recently wrote this post on the subject for ministry leaders and I want to encourage you to read … [Read more...]

The way we lead women today will influence what we leave behind as our legacy. Do you consider that as you lead women? Read this beautiful tribute below shared by guest blogger Stephanie Edge and consider what you are leaving behind. On December 4, 2013, Lanese Dockery, was recognized for her contributions in serving alongside her husband Dr. David S. Dockery, President of Union University … [Read more...]

Your voice is unique and important. We are coming together for one day to connect with various generations of women to build unity and lay a foundation for future leaders. At the heart of it, we’re having a leadership conversation. Let’s talk together as leaders about ministry to women in our changing churches and culture. No matter what your age, background, life season, or experience, XChange … [Read more...]

We are thrilled that Karen Kingsbury is partnering with LifeWay on a new Bible study. I don't know about you, but I've read most of her books! She has a way of writing that captures readers in a powerful way and points them to Jesus. Below is a note from Karen and a video clip of an interview from the 2013 Women's Forum. Dear Friends, It's my honor and pleasure to introduce to you my first … [Read more...]

Guest blogger Nancy Hamilton was one of our breakout leaders at the 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum. One topic she shared helped women’s ministry leaders know how to connect their ministries to younger women.  Here is a snippet from what she taught.  Perhaps you will join us in 2014 for the Women’s Forum.   As much as I loved this song from the Judd’s in the 1990, I never knew what an impact this … [Read more...]

Becoming God’s Counter-Cultural Woman: The High Calling and Necessity for Women of Influence  This continues our series of posts from workshop leaders at our 2013 Women’s Leadership Forum. Monica Rose Brennan writes about a topic that is increasingly important as we minister to women. I know you will identify with this need among the women in our churches as well. I had the privilege of … [Read more...]

This post is part of a series from leaders who spoke at our Women’s Leadership Forum in 2013.  Kathy Ferguson Litton spoke to ministry wives on the topic of being authentic. This post relates to ALL women!  “Inexperienced in the art of acting”, the words grabbed me. Why? This is the meaning of the word “sincere” found in 2 Timothy 1: 5 “Clearly recalling your sincere faith that first lived … [Read more...]

When I became a believer as a preteen, I didn't have someone to walk me through the basic steps of discipleship, nor really even challenge me to spend time alone with God through prayer and scripture study.  There were many years I stayed a baby Christian, not knowing I was supposed to develop as a disciple. Often leaders will ask, what do you have as a resource for new believers?  I do think … [Read more...]