In it for the Long Haul (Part 1)


As a leader do you ever think about how long you will serve in the position you are in? I know we have no idea what God has for us in the future, but one thing we know, as long as we are His children (and for a Christian that is from the point of salvation to forever!) we are to serve Him…out of love for Him and to bring Him glory.  So, since that means life long, we better think about how we will … [Read more...]

Are You in a Holding Pattern in Ministry?


Have you ever been in a place in your women’s ministry that just seems to be a holding pattern? Perhaps you want it to move forward quickly but for some reason it’s not? Several years ago, I had to have foot surgery and be home for at least 2-3 weeks.  (You can read a post about it here.) First of all I knew this would slow me down physically. I’m one who normally is on the go if I am awake. I … [Read more...]

Are You A Woman Who Fears The Lord?


The way we lead women today will influence what we leave behind as our legacy. Do you consider that as you lead women? Read this beautiful tribute below shared by guest blogger Stephanie Edge and consider what you are leaving behind. On December 4, 2013, Lanese Dockery, was recognized for her contributions in serving alongside her husband Dr. David S. Dockery, President of Union University … [Read more...]

Without a Mask


This post is part of a series from leaders who spoke at our Women’s Leadership Forum in 2013.  Kathy Ferguson Litton spoke to ministry wives on the topic of being authentic. This post relates to ALL women!  “Inexperienced in the art of acting”, the words grabbed me. Why? This is the meaning of the word “sincere” found in 2 Timothy 1: 5 “Clearly recalling your sincere faith that first lived … [Read more...]

Women Sabotaged by Emotions


As a women’s leader, I am sure you have incidents in ministry that could ruin your day and even your whole week. Have you ever felt sabotaged by someone you serve?  I think you will be able to identify with this post today by guest blogger Linda Lesniewski,  Women's Minister at Green Acres Baptist Church. Have you ever been sabotaged by your emotions? I have! Perhaps an email from an angry church … [Read more...]

Women, Are You Picture Perfect? No, Thank You!


I have to admit I suffer from this issue guest blogger Dr. Deb Douglas, Minister to Women at  First Baptist Church, Bossier City, LA , discusses in this post. I have no doubt some of you suffer from it as well. What a great reminder, especially during these busy holidays, that we do not have to be perfect or do it all!   Please, someone out there tell me you are not perfect! As another magazine … [Read more...]

How is the Prayer Life of Your Women’s Ministry?


  Leaders, we  just completed our 2013 Women’s Ministry Forum here at LifeWay and I once again saw the importance of prayer.  As the week began and plans began to fall apart, I sent out a prayer S.O.S. to a big group of friends who pray.  We felt the prayers!  Maybe you even remember my post a couple of weeks ago and the cute red headed gal! Each time my heart wanted to race and panic, I … [Read more...]

Pursuing More of His Voice


Do you ever ask, “Why can’t I hear God’s voice more clearly?”  I am sure many if not all of us in women’s leadership find ourselves struggling from time to time to really hear what God is trying to say to us.  Guest blogger Stephanie Edge, Director of Women’s Ministry, Poplar Heights Baptist Church, Jackson, TN, shares how she is learning to listen and hear God speak to her. This week, the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Your Focus When Ministry Panic Sets In


As we headed into the hectic  Women's Leadership Forum  season which included two YOU Lead  training events  as well, both Mary Margaret Collingsworth (Women’s Forum event coordinator) and I felt a big panic coming on. Think with me a minute about your most recent ministry panic.  Did you get a picture of yourself?  What was your ministry panic experience? Driving to work the morning after … [Read more...]

Celebrate and Look Forward in Women’s Ministry!


My friend Stephanie Edge, Director of Women’s Ministry, Poplar Heights Baptist Church, Jackson, TN, just helped her church celebrate a big day!  She gives us great encouragement to celebrate what God is doing in our women’s ministry. Let this challenge you to watch for and celebrate God’s transforming power in the lives of women! On Sunday, October 6th, Poplar Heights Baptist Church in … [Read more...]