Most of us agree that in today’s culture there is much confusion over what is appropriate and what is not regarding sexuality as a woman. Many tell us anything goes, others say nothing goes. But what is healthy for a Christian woman? How can we help women have a healthy view of sexuality? What is the healthy sexual perspective that we desire to teach women? Remember the following as you prepare … [Read more...]

Recently we expanded and revised our leadership resource Women Reaching Women in Crisis. As I re-read the chapters, I was reminded of why we developed this resource years ago. Lay leaders are not trained counselors! This is a lesson I learned early in ministry when women came to my office with huge crises. I felt totally unprepared to know how to help or even if I should help. The first thing I … [Read more...]

When helping hurting women, one question that comes up is how to put together a referral list to have handy as you deal with women in crisis. I found this web article from several years ago that I believe will be helpful written by former LifeWay employee Barney Self, Ed. D. I believe this answers that question well. Every minister needs to have a network of competent Christian professional … [Read more...]

If you missed the earlier post Are You Ready to Help Women in Crisis?  Today let’s consider a few general skills to help to help you as a leader in crisis ministry. Communication: learn good communication skills that will open the door to conversation and sharing rather than cause a barrier. Keep in mind your job is NOT to fix her, but for her to realize what she must invest into her own … [Read more...]

As a women’s leader I am sure you see hurting women all the time. Desperate times make women desperate. Crisis hurts. Are you ready to help women you see that need a Christian sister to walk with them on their journey? Are you equipping other women to help you minister to others in crisis? “Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort.  He … [Read more...]

This post is part of a series from workshop leaders at our 2013 Women’s Forum. Guest blogger Nancy Thompson, (along with her co-leader Lynn Cole) shared about this important ministry in the church. Here are some of her thoughts from the forum and resources for you as you seek to minister to widows. Meeting and sharing with women from many different areas of the country was both heartwarming and … [Read more...]

This post is part of a series from workshop leaders at our 2013 Women’s Forum. Ann Lovell spoke on ministry to those who are exploited and trafficked in our country and around the world. She showed us what we can do to make a difference. I consider it one of my greatest opportunities to attend the LifeWay Women’s Forum last year. I loved meeting women from across the U.S. who are passionate about … [Read more...]

During our 2013 Women’s Forum, there were a variety of breakouts that covered relevant topics for women’s ministry leaders.  We are going to run a series of blog posts written by our breakout leaders, so keep watching. This first one is by Jean Roberson, ministry consultant for Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU). The topic of pornography continues to affect our women and our families. Women’s ministry … [Read more...]

Do any of the women you minister to struggle with the idea of hope? It seems like an epidemic these days, but because of the truths found in Scripture, we know better! For a few ways to encourage women who seem hopeless, or how to affirm those who are hopeful, check out Hoping Against Hope today over on All Access. … [Read more...]

This is the third and last in this series by guest blogger Ashley Chesnut.  Please read Part 1 & Part 2 first. In seminary, one of the most practical classes that I took was "Counseling Emotional Problems," and in it, my professor emphasized the importance of "renewing our minds" as Christ-followers (see Eph. 4:21-23; Rom. 12:1-2). With any emotional issue or sin struggle, we battle … [Read more...]